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Online Advertising

No description

Denise SummerTime

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Online Advertising

like stars in the universe,
almost everywhere

Online Advertising
Online Advertising
different payment models
Affiliate Marketing
Types of ads
Display advertising
Tracking Ad Performance
advertisements which appear on websites matched with the visitors interests defined by cookies etc.

- CPM -> cost per thousand
- CPC -> cost per click
- CPA -> cost per action
- CPO -> cost per order
- CPL -> cost per lead
Text Ads
Display Ads
Interstitial Ads
Pop-Up Ads
rate structure is based on agate lines and column incheshalf- and full-page ads
flexible to new technological development
measuring the success of your ad
quality and relevancy
higher quality score -> lower costs, better ad position
Targeted Placement
Improved Tracking
Efficiency of Investment
Advertisers choose webpage and place for their ad to minimalize wastage.
opened ad
at what time
how long
by whom
Programs which measure the efficiency of the advertisements
cross-selling potential
merchant: product provider
affiliate: operating company of external webshop
Cost per thousand
YOu have to pay for the times an ad is view on a page. Also used for TV, radio and print advertising.
cost per click
You have to pay for each click a customer make on the ad. This is just used for online ads.
Cost per action
You just have to pay for a special action of the customer.
Participation on a contest
Order of a newsletter
Request of information
cost per order
You just have to pay if the customer makes an order executed be the link. Very success oriented and protectes against high marketing fees.
cost per lead
expansion POS
expansion target
increasing internet presence
contract difficult to cancel
increasing costs
minimal effort
expanding offer
increasing profit
advantagesminimal effortexpanding offerincreasing profit
similar products
expanding offer
fulfilling of needs
Google AdWords
advertiser can start a campaign
programme shows where the online ads can be positioned
just websites, etc which are matched with the target group
fast access to the market
direct positioning in search results
opportunity for small budgets
advertisements in forums and social media
wide range for acquisition of new customers
constantly available for changing
minimum budget leads to minimal success
continous control of the ads
ads can just be found if the person put in the keywords
have to have qualified landing pages
Bidding Strategies
amount you bid on the keywords
keywords bidding -> based on the quality score of keywords
different strategies related to type of business
Example: google AdWords
Focus on clicks
cost-per-click bidding (CPC)
daily budget, Google AdWords try to bring you the most possible clicks within your budget (Automatic bidding)
full control, set bids at the ad group level, individual keywords or ad placements (Manual bidding)
Focus on impressions
cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
pay the number of times the ad is shown
like CPC manual bidding
Focus on conversions
cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
highest amount that a company is willing to pay for a conversion
conversion is often describes as a sale or an email sign up
have to turn on "conversion tracking"
return on ad spend:
(revenues - costs of ad * 100)/ costs of advertising = %
Quality Score
based on your keywords clickthrough rate (CTR)
relevance of your ad text
landing page
Conversion Tracking
what happen after somebody clicked on your ad (selling, Newsletter, etc)
helpful to invest more carefully on "Stars" or "questionmarks"
Example: Google AdWords
Google Adwords - how it works
Advantages and Disadvantages
global presence
cost savings
adjustment of the market
open legal position
receiving all information
online fees
to many informations
win-win strategy
both benefit from it
customer: wider range of offers
customer: wider range of customers
easy to create
to attract attention of the user
basically simple to understand
ignored by users
blocked by websites
limited amount of information
--> little impressions, clicks, ect
Text ads
Display Ads
Display ads are graphical advertisements featured on websites. They are available in many standard shapes and sizes, including: banners, leader boards, skyscrapers, large boxes and other sized graphical ads. They use eye-catching visuals to quickly grab catch the attention of website visitors browsing the pages on which they are featured.
Interstitial Ads
Interstitial pages are a form of advertisement on the web that appears between web pages that the user requests. Because interstitial load in the background, they are a preferred way of delivering ads that contain large graphics, streaming media, or applets.
Pop up Ads
This are ads, that opens in a separate window in the back- or foreground. This kind of advertising is very pushy and annoying. They were stopped by pop-up blockers. Nowadays there are many methods to avoid pop-up blockers and to show the pop-up ads.
Pricing of Ads
There are different ways of pricing ads:

Pricing Models
Selling ad space in various block sizes for fixed price and an agreed term
There are different types of banners, for example:

Standard banner
Skyscraper/ Wide Skyscraper (most left or right)
Vertical banner
Half banner
Available Online Ad Technologies
free technologies
blogs (http://blogmarketingpresentation.posterous.com/)
Social media (http://prezi.com/flrty97fzxit/social-media/ )
link friendships
Google AdWords
You just have to pay if you receive personal data from new customer. Used in the insurance sector, finacial services or online dating agencies.
Text Ads are text based Hyperlinks. They do not included graphic images.
You can see them for example on Google or Ebay
display network only - all features
display network only - remarketing
Steps in Google Adwords
1.) user starts a want ad
2.) ads will be filtered (keywords agreed)
3.) ads will be filtered (region, active, etc.)
4.) ads will be sorted (bid, quality)
5.) placing of the ad
6.) repeating the whole process
bid and relevance as same factors
relevant keywords --> higher ad position
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