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The Canterbury Tales: The Merchant

No description

Brenna Rifkin

on 13 November 2016

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Transcript of The Canterbury Tales: The Merchant

Chaucer presents the merchant in a satirical manner by showing how the character “January,” in the merchant’s tale was very open and for marriage, and the buddy of January was telling him to stay away from marriage, and after January got married his wife was so horrible he grew against marriage. This shows satire by using the point of being against marriage vs. being for marriage prior to getting married. Then after marriage the person for it was against it.

Satirical View
Indirect characterization:

He was actually in debt, in the prologue the people whom he talked to did not know that he was in debt, everyone he talked to was fooled by the fact that he talked about his wealth and trade very well and assumed he was very wealthy.
He is in a very bitter marriage and the way he viewed marriage has changed through him getting married,it indirectly stated that he is envious of people with a happy marriage.

The Merchant and his horse
Direct Characterization:

He is admirable by other people. In the story Chaucer states that he and other people admired the merchant for the way he can handle money.
He is very fashionable and up to date with the latest fashions with his forked beard and expensive looking clothing.

Brenna Rifkin, Blake Arrant, Nick Burns
The Canterbury Tales: The Merchant
Four Key Qualities

The Merchant thinks very highly of himself, he fools everyone in the prologue into believing he is wealthy and good with money through the way he speaks about himself.

People look up to him about the way he carries himself and how he speaks about trade and money.

Although people find him admirable because of wealth and money, he is actually in debt and has little money.

In his story he tells of January’s happy marriage but speaks bitterly about the married couple, when he himself is in a bitter unloving marriage.
The four qualities we found for the Merchant were;
Found: http://www.becketsblood.com/canterburypilgrimmerchant.htm
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