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war of 1812- Mia Romeo

No description

K Nicotera

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of war of 1812- Mia Romeo

War of 1812

Created by:
Mia Romeo Causes of the War of
Impressment of American sailors
Stole our war supplies
British military aid to Native Americans Cause One: Impressment of
American sailors

1)British constantly stole our men
and war supplies from
American ships

2)Forced American sailors onto
their side in the war

3)Would steel the U.S. ships and
everything that was on them

4)Great Britain VS. United States
of America

5)Led to America banning trade with
Britain Cause Two: British
stole U.S. war

1) Jefferson passed the
Embargo act

2) U.S. ports were closed
to all Britain ships

3) American ships were
not allowed tade with any foreign ports

4) No more American ships being stolen!

5) Jefferson hoped this hurt Great Britain and France
Cause Tree: British
military aid to native

1) Americans were claiming Native Americans' land

2) Americans created Treaty of Greenville

3) Native Americans were angry and wanted to protest

4) Britain saw this as an opportunity to slow America's westward growth

5) Britain gave Native Americans war supplies to fight the Americans Battle at New Orleans

After the attack on Washinton, D.C.,the British moved against New Orleans

Hoped to capture city and take control of the Mississippi river

Andrew Jackson- commanded U.S. forces around New Orleans

Began in the morning of January 8, 1815

5,300 British troops attacked Jackson's force of about 4,500

British were cut down by Americans in an open field

More than 2,000 British soldiers were killed and Americans suffered about 70 casualties

This battle made Andrew Jackson a hero Star Spangled Banner

Who: Francis Scott Key

What: The Americans refusing to surrender and battle with Britain

Where: Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland

When: Semptember 13-14, 1814

Why: He was bord and inspired by the Americans' strength Treaty of Ghent

Signed in Belgium on December 24

This treaty ended the war of 1812 Results of the War:

Before the battle of New Orleans, a Group of New England Federalists gathered secretly at Hartford,Connecticut. At the Hartford Convention, Federalists agreed to oppose the war and send delegates to meet with Congress. Before the delegates reached Washington news arrived that the war had ended. The partyv lost much of its politicial power. Slow communications at the time meant that neither the Federalists nor Jackson knew about the Treaty of Ghent. Each nation returned the territory it had conquered. The war produced feelings of patriotism in America for standing up to the British. The war also broke the power of many Native American groups. Finally, a lack of goods caused by the interruption in trade boosted American manufacturing
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