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The Boston Tea Party.

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Thomas Lindley

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Tea Party
Presented by Eli Lindley
When Was It?
The Boston Tea Party was on the night of
December 16, 1773. It was a quiet night like any other. Then it started. Men boarded the ship and raided it. They took every bit of tea they could find and tossed it overboard and did not take any of it. The did their work quietly, trying not to attract too much attention. The Commander of the British fleet that kept the boat from getting out of the harbor, "Montague" did not interfere, in fact, he watched this from a nearby building. The event (or should I say celebration) lasted for for almost three hours. No harm was done to the ships, the tea was swept off deck and into the water, leaving a clean ship.
Why did they do this?
The reason this act had happened was because the Brit's gave the British East India Company monopoly over all tea trade in the colonies. The colonists could not sell tea, they could not buy other companies' tea, they could only buy BEIC Tea. Every act and law had been repealed or withdrawn from the colonies, but that wasn't enough. The cost of the tea was lower for a short time, but soon the British government taxed the tea to high rates. The only way they could get tea that wasn't from the BEIC was from smuggling it across the ocean, avoiding the British Navy and the patrols and safely hiding it away. Then they would sell it. So in protest to theses high taxes. They dumped the tea over the side of the ships. Into the harbor the tea went. There were also events like the Boston Massacre that set them off as well. The British soon closed the harbor as part of the "Intolerable Acts" that followed the event.
The Boston Tea Party was a protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston and others. Their mission: raid the three tea ships and throw the tea overboard. The colonists had boycotted this tea and the English navy made sure they did not leave with the full ships unsold. So on December 16, 1773 a group of colonists boarded three ships and successfully threw all 342 chests of tea into the waters of Boston Harbor. There were approximately 100 to 150 men there to unload the ships.

Here are drawings and a video to clarify what it was like:
Who Was at the Party?
This action was led by a group of rebels that originated in Boston called
The Sons of Liberty. It was directed by famous Revolutionary Idols such as Samuel T. Adams and John Hancock. The group was joined by other colonists and they destroyed the shipment of tea. Some were dressed as Mohawk Tribesmen so the could try to fool the British Government, but they knew better and their costumes failed to disguise. The names of the ships they stormed are "The Beaver", "The Dartmouth", and "The Eleanor".
We Just Don't Care, Now Leave Us Be!
From: The Sons of Liberty
To: Our Takers of Freedom, England!
Why Should You Care?
The reason we should care about this event is because it was one of the things that sparked the Revolutionary War. It contributed to the "Intolerable Acts" which we fought against. This event was directed by colonists who had lead us to victory in the war like........
Paul Revere (Middle)
John Hancock (Bottom)
Samuel Adams (Left)
and Samuel Crafts (Right)
Wikipedia-Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party Historical Society-Paul Revere
YouTube.com/Boston Tea Party/America The Story of Us
teachinghistoy.org/Why Was the Boston Tea Party Not Stopped by British Troops?
Socialstudiesforkids.com/The Boston Tea Party.
Images were Imported from Google Images, look up the images for info on their producers, OK, the URLs are long and they look sloppy alright.
Feel free to comment down below, thanks for watching my Prezentation.
Where Did it Take Place?
As you have probably figured out, the Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston, Massachusetts.This was the home and birthplace for the Sons of Liberty. This was one of the most rebellious and angry colonies at the time and they hated living under the Brit's. From then on after the Boston Tea party was announced, other colonies gathered courage and committed other acts of rebellion as well. So this was a pretty good starting point to fuel the fire of freedom until the 4th of July when we declared our independence.
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