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jessica hordon

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Jessica Hordon
Music video conventions
Camera Shots
Music videos use a variety of shots for numerous reasons but in particular to show who the artist is and the emotions of the character . The shots can change depending on the style of the song and the story line that is with in the song for instants a close up would be used in a sad song as the close up shot can not only show the artist but it can also show the emotion that is in their face . Where as an establishing shot and extreme long shots can be used in a more up beat song to show happiness and dancing.
Camera movements
Mes-en-scene Props
Props can be very important in a music video as they can create meaning and show messages . Props are put in the video to get a story across and to also make the scene fit together with the song . Props can be used in a music video to show connotations so that the audience knows what is happening in a video, for example if we see a girl getting ready and she is putting on red lip stick we automatically presume she is going on a date. For example Kasabian- Fire used guitar as guns in his music video which gave us a meaning that music was his weapon and that through his music he could win .
Mis-en-scene- Lighting
Lighting can play a key role in a music video for a couple of reasons from being simply so you can see something to portraying a certain mood. For example if you have low key lighting in a video we automatically think that the video is going to be sad and dull where as when you have high key lighting the video is most commonly known for being happy and exciting .
I have used the song never enough from A Rocket To The Moon to show an example of a close up shot .
To show an extreme long shot i have used the video Beyonce- Love on top, This is mainly to show the dancing as this genre is very big on their dancing .
Camera movements are used in music videos to that the audience can see what is happening and it makes the video more exciting. For instants the use of a tracking shot is most commonly used to follow the artist in the video . The camera movements makes the music video more interesting to watch .
To show a tracking shot i have chosen the song You and Me by Disclosure. In this video it shows a couple staying together what appears to be all on their own . The tracking shot is used to follow the couple to show all the activities that they do together and to show their love . The tracking shot it there to show the audience what the couple gets up to, to keep the audience interested . It also adds enigma.
Mes-en-scene- Make-up
To show the use of low key lighting i have chosen the song from Rihanna- We found love . As you can see the lighting is low key to show sadness we immediately get the impression that the song is sad and emotional
To show high key lighting i have chosen the song Beyonce- Crazy in love . As you can see the lighting is bright and we automatically see that it is a happy upbeat song .
In a music video you the actor is the main part of the video . If the actor does not match the song the video would not look right for example if you had a skinny small boy with a comb over and glasses it would not match a rock video . Where as you would get a skinny pretty boy in a pop video. Actors are very significant in a music video especially in a video with a story line as they will have to be able to tell the audience what is happening through the use of their acting .
Pop video
Rock video
Make up is used in music videos in order to make people look a certain way to suit the genre and the narration . For example if there is a sad song or upbeat song which has a fighting in it you would need make up to make the fake blood or bruises . Make up can make the characters look girly and pretty or dull and sad . Blood is used at the end of the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias
Settings are used in music videos to set the scene and make the song interesting, the music video will normally portray the genre of the song and will commonly be used to make the song more interesting . The song Trouble by Pink uses an interesting setting which matches the story line of the song, the fact that they have used a western setting which is stereotypically violent matches the fact that pink is getting into trouble by getting into fights .
Jump cuts are the predominant editing techniques used in music videos this is because you can then have a sudden change from one scene to another . Transitions such as fade and dissolves are also very common in music videos as they create smooth cuts . As an example of this i have chosen the song If you wanna by the Vaccines.
Symbolic techniques
symbolic techniques are ways of showing meaning beyond what you can see for example mes-en-scene, facial expressions and postures . I will now go through these in the next few slides .
Facial expressions
Facial expressions play a key role in music videos because you can automatically see what the mood is by looking at some ones facial expressions . If some one was crying you automatically know that they are sad where as if some one is smiling you can see that they are happy . The pictures below demonstrate this .
A narrative music video normally follows a story line. There are two types of narrative linear and non linear . Linear is when the story goes in order (beginning, middle and end ) and non linear is when the story does not go in order for instants it might start at the end and then go back to the beginning to add enigma . An example of linear is Taylor swift- Everything has changed and for non linear 2 Pack- Ghetto Gospel
Camera angles
There are normally a variety of camera angles used in music videos this is to convey different images . But as an example a low angle shot can be used to connote power where as a high angle shot would be used to show some one being submissive or less significant . The video Rehab by Rihanna and Olly Murs- Dear Darlin shows these shots .
Women are normally represented as a sexual object .. this follows the view on the 'male gaze' . Women are normally represented as being sensitive, a sex object or as angry where as men are normally represented as being cool , hot and masculine . These do not fit all song genres but are very common representations . The man is nearly always shown as the aggressive on in music videos and the women as vulnerable.
The genre of a song is often reflected in the music video this is because the people watching the video are obviously interested in that genre and therefore would like to see the themes in the video . It may convey on the genre on a whole or maybe only touch on it but it will still keep the audience interested on the specific genre . Genre helps create a target audience so the producers can use the codes and conventions to establish what the product is. The audience use genre to choose what media texts they want to consume .
Music Conventions
The lyrics of the song is very important because it usually creates a narrative for the music video . A lot of genres will use different lyrics for example a rock band would use lyrics about sex and drugs where as a pop group would use lyrics about love .
Images can be very important in a music video as it is what helps to represent the artists for example in a rock video they would have more shots of the band playing instruments than a close up of the artist where as in a R&B video they may use more close up shots because they will want to promote the artist .
Some genres can be much less conventional stylistically and this is usually because they do not want to promote the artist . Iconography are usually the signs used to create a certain mood to the video for example if the video is in black and white and the actor looks sad we automatically presume that the artist is sad and that the songs are sad . A good example of this is the song Supersonic by Oasis which show the basic signs of iconography by using black and white colours .
The themes in a music video shows the messages that are being put across , themes can vary depending on the story line and genre and will usually stay the same for pecific genres . The themes make the genre what it is and helps to represent the connotations that are being represented in the music videos . For example a rock band would use themes such as drugs, sex and alcohol as this represents there genre well and the audiences that they are targeting it towards .
Key Finding
I found that there are a lot of different connotations used to represent each genre differently . Some genres will use the same connotations but in different ways in order to tell a story or to promote the artist and that it is very important to make the connotations clear . I feel that each genre is different to attract different audiences and they so this by being unique and by using different symbolic symbols . The lyrics help to make the song what it is but the way that the artist looks can attract different audiences, for example a pop band may talk about sex but they will still attract young girls who like good looking pretty boys .
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