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The Eighth Day

No description

Lama El'harake

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of The Eighth Day


The biggest conflict in the book is when the bad Kin find Evangeline and kidnap her and Jax to cast the reverse of the eighth day spell. The result of reversing the spell is horrible. If the spell is broken/reversed the normal people who can't jump in between the worlds will cease to exist. Many people got hurt while trying to save Evangeline and Jax. After all the elements were in place for the spell the sky started to crack into large pieces and soon would break. This is the largest conflict in the book that took action and grabbed attention to the readers.
Main Characters

In the book "The Eighth Day" Jax Aubrey a thirteen year old boy started off as a nobody, and as soon as his thirteenth birthday came around, everything started to change. Jax thought Riley ( his gardian ) was lousy and boring, but after he recieved his powers to enter the eighth day he thought otherwise. Overtime Jax learned how to control his powers, he also was taught about the vassels, daggers, and who Riley and Evangeline were decended from. Jax is a teenager filled with curiousitites and adventure.
Minor Characters
Michael Donavon
Jax's house
A.J.'s Home
Melinda's house
The Library
Mrs.Unger's house
Jax's school
The bank
The Pyramid
The Dulacs are powerful and dangerous, they are responsible for the death of Riley's family. The Dulacs are descended from Niviane of the lake.

The Kin are prisoners of the eighth day, they are trapped inside the eighth day for there family actions from the past. Not all the Kin are bad. The bad Kin want to locate and use Evangeline's power to break the eighth day spell, anyone trapped in the eighth day then will cease to exist.
The Eighth Day

BY: Dianne K. Salerni
Riley Pendragon is Jax's Eighteen-year-old guardian, he became his guardian after Jax's father died. Riley is descended from King Arthur, Riley lives alone after his family died in an explosion set by the Dulacs. Riley is a liege lord which is a person who is in charge of his vassals who are sworn to him. Riley is also to guard Evangeline from harm on the eighth day. Riley keeps a close eye on his friends and family.
Evangeline is a very special girl who has the power to make the eighth day seize to exist. Evangeline only lives on the eighth day, she loves to read books,magazines, and articles. Evangeline lives alone in Mrs.Unger's home, no one suspects her living there except Mrs.Unger, she thinks a ghost is living with her. Many people are after Evangeline and her great powers, but is safe living next to Riley and Jax.
Mr.Crandall , Mrs.Crandall , A.J. Crandall
The Crandall's have helped Riley and Jax through their journey. The Crandall's can also enter the eighth day, they are all vassals sworn to Riley. They helped Jax answer all of his questions regarding the eighth day. They also helped Riley settle and get comfortable in a house after his whole family died. A.J. is Riley's closest friend, he keeps him company when Jax isn't home. A.J. also tattooed the Aubrey family crest onto Jax's arm. The Crandall's have helped Jax and Riley through many of their conflicts, they will always be there to help.
Major Events

Melinda, Miller, Deidre
Michael, Tegan, and Thomas Donavon
Thoughts About The Book

Melinda teaches Jax about the eighth day on every grundsday. She teaches him about the people living in the eighth day, what the family crests are for, how to use his powers, and more. She is a good vassal to Riley and always will be.

Miller was once a vassal to Riley but he had an accident and that all changed. Miller goes undercover to the kin and pretend to be one of them, so jax didn't get to meet Miller as he wanted to. He was picked to go undercover because when he had his accident he wasn't able to swear to a liege lord.

Deidre is not a vassal to Riley, but she is a close friend and can travel to the eighth day. Deidre's family has many weapons that could come in handy during an emergency. The Morgans ( Deidre's family ) wanted Riley to swear to Mrs.Morgan. ( Deidre's mother ) Her family helps Jax and Riley during the mission to save Evangeline, Tegan, and Jax.
The Donavon's save Jax from Terrance, a regular human being who uses transitioners to jump into the eighth day. Tegan and Thomas both go to the same school as Jax. The Donavon's power is to track or find somethings that can't be found, they are just like dogs. The Donavon's also help Riley and his vassals in the great battle against Wylit, the leader of the bad Kin.
My thoughts about this book are all positive. This book has a lot of adventure, cliff hangers, surprising reactions, and more. The eighth day is an enjoyable book that has many unexpected turns. It also has many non-realistic events. This is a wonderful book to be read during your free time or in any other case. I would recommend this book to my classmates and anyone else who likes adventures books. Lastly, I would rate this book a four out of five.
Jax discovered the eighth day and his powers. He learned what they all meant, he also go his tattoo.
Another major event is when Terrance finds out about the Transitioners and kidnaps Jax to jump into the eighth day.
Lastly a major event is when Wylit kidnaps Evangeline to reverse the eighth day spell, and starts to crack the sky.
There are many protagonist in this book such as Riley, Jax, Evangeline, Mrs.Crandall, Mr.Crandall, A.J., Melinda, and Miller. These are all very important characters who play an interesting role in this book.
These protagonist not only save the book but they bring life and amusement to it. Without the protagonist it will just be a boring book to read. In the end no book would ever want a dull book, so they add in good guys / the protagonist.
The resolution of this book happens when Jax, Riley, and Evangeline are safe and not hurt. Riley and Evangeline break the spell in the end when Wylit is stabbed with a dagger by Evangeline, and they reversed the spell. Everyone was safe and sound at the end of the book except Miller he was killed protecting Evangeline. After the spell was broken the cracks in the sky disappeared slowly. After the battle with Wylit Jax, Riley, Evangeline, Mr.Crandall, Mrs.Crandall, and A.J. all moved to a different hiding spot to keep Evangeline safe from harm. In the End everyone was safe and happy with the exception of Miller's death.
Things I Would Change
Some of the things that I would change about this book is that I would have put more detail into the characters so that the author would understand them better. I would also like the author to put more major events or more cliffhangers into the book. The author put many characters into the book and it may get confusing to some of the people who read this book. Lastly I would change how the author describes some of the settings or characters, I didn't understand what she meant until the middle of the book. This book is great in the middle of the book, I just wish she would continue the wayt she did in the middle if the book. have done that throughout the book.
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