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Vision - 2/12

Amy Finkenbine

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Polyamory

Identity Super Secret
Fun Activity!!!!!! Knee Jerk
- What are your first thoughts on
polyamory/non-monogamy? - "Poly" is Greek for "many/multiple" while "amor" is Latin for "love"): having multiple partners that are all consensually in a relationship together
- Separate from sexual orientation and gender identity
- Considered a consensual, ethical, and responsible form of non-monogamy
- Commonly reject the view that sexual and relational exclusivity are necessary for deep, committed, long-term, loving relationships
- Sex is not a focus of the relationship, just an aspect like in any other relationship Focus Tonight: Polyamory - Blue; open and honest
- Red; love and passion
- Black; solidarity with those who must hide their relationship due to social pressures
- Pi; the first letter of "polyamory,"
- Gold; value put on emotional aspects of a relationship and not purely physical aspects Poly
Pride! - No legal recognition
- Child custody/support
- children growing up with polyamorous parents may feel like their families are "different"
- Coming out
- Intersecting Identities (Queer/Poly, etc.)
- Being completely misunderstood by almost every community
- Not being taken seriously Issues to Consider What does that Mean? Non-Monogamy
- Interpersonal relationships that include at least one individual forming multiple and simultaneous sexual or romantic bonds
- What fits?
- Polyamory
- Swinging
- Polygamy
- Polysexuality/Non-Monosexuality - Overcoming jealousy
- Possessiveness
- Restrictive cultural standards
- Seen as going against society Struggles
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