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Characters El Cid

main characters

margarette alquizar

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Characters El Cid

Rodrigo Dias de Vivar, El Cid Campeador

(1043–1099) was a Castilian nobleman and military leader in medieval Spain. He was called El Cid (the Lord) by the Moors and El Campeador (the Champion) by Christians. He is the national hero of Spain.

Rodrigo was born in the province of Burgos, located nowadays in Spain, but for the epoch (1048) he was in the kingdom of Castila.

The protagonist of the work. A Castilian soldier who fights for his wealth and honor that was taken once from him.
Count Garcia Ordonez
El Cid’s only enemy. In the veins of him and his relatives and descendants flows the blood of a wrongdoer that made El Cid suffer and lose his wealth and honor.
Abengalbón is the Cid's Moorish ally. He helps the Cid by protecting his wife and daughters when they travel to Valencia.
King Alfonso
King of Castile. The conqueror on that time. He is who El Cid served for. El Cid gave three demands to him.

Infantes de Carreon
Relatives of Count Garcia Ordonez; they are the ones who tortured El Cid’s daughters.

The nephew of El Cid
The tortured ones. But, because of El Cid their honor is regained from the Infantes.

Jews of Burgos
The two men tricked by El Cid.
Rey Alfonso VI -
the king who exiles Cid; fighting with Moors
Raquel y Vidas -
Martin Antolinez -
the go-between from Vidas
Don Sancho -
the abbot
Dona Jimena -
Cid's wife
Dona Sol y Elvira -
Cid's daughters
Alvar Fanez -
general of Cid; Cid's nephew; helped capture Castejon
Tamin -
moor king of Valencia
Pedro Bermudez -
the standard bearer; attacks without command
Ramon de Berenguer -
count of Barcelona; imprisoned by Cid.
Presented by: Margs
Don Jeronimo -
French bishop.
Don Fernando y Don Gonzalez -
Infantes de Carrion.
Yusuf -
emperor of Almoravides in Morocco.
Muno Gustioz -
Jimena's brother-in-law; watched over Los Infantes.
Rey Bucar -
one of the Abu Bekars who lived during the period.
Felix Munioz -
nephew of Cid; followed Los Infantes and Cid's daughters to Carrion.
Dona Urraca -
daughter of Alfonso.
Don Enrique, don Ramon, otros condes -
members of the Court.
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