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Periodic Table

Interactive Discussion on PTE

cris ceraon

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Periodic Table

“Surely you have heard that God in His grace has given me this work to do for your good.”
- Eph. 3:2 How is the social relationship/ interaction among the people living in condo differ with those in the typical community? By: Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer
Published: 09/26/2012 11:06 AM EDT on LiveScience

Scientists in Japan think they've finally created the elusive element 113, one of the missing items on the periodic table of elements.

Element 113 is an atom with 113 protons in its nucleus — a type of matter that must be created inside a laboratory because it is not found naturally on Earth. Heavier and heavier synthetic elements have been created over the years, with the most massive one being element 118, temporarily named ununoctium group 2 What are the traits that we should imbibe from the scientists who helped develop the periodic table? group 4 group 6 Periodic Table of Elements Please Observe Silence and Order OBJECTIVES

1. explain how the main features of the periodic table determine its uses

2. cite different ways on how you can generously share time and ideas to others

3. use the periodic table of elements in predicting the properties of an element group 5 1. Define what a
periodic table is; 2. Seek continual improvement in performing tasks and responsibilities 3.Describe the arrangement of
elements in the periodic table according to periods and groups group 7 HISTORY 5MINUTE READING ACTIVITY
*Leader/ Secretary
*Activity Folder
*Use of 6 Thinking Hats Technique
*5mins Harry Potter
& The Magical
Elements Modern Bahay Kubo
and The Modern PTE What are the reasons for the continuous evolution of the periodic table? How can the periodic table
be utilized to predict
the properties of elements? SUMMARY ACTION:
G -give your honest opinion of today’s lesson
A -assess your standing on today’s lesson
S -seek the participation of others in giving the summary Assignment
Describe the trends of the elements as arranged in the periodic table according to:
a. Atomic size / radius
b. Ionization Energy
c. Electronegativity
d. Electron Affinity
e. Metallic Property
f. Ionic Size -What are the characteristics or
set of properties of each group
of elements in the periodic table? -How is one group of elements
in the periodic table differ or
alike with the other groups? -How are these properties and
characteristics served as a basis
of use of these elements? -How can the periodic table be
utilized to predict the properties
of elements? group 3 group 8 group 1 group 9 Performance Task
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