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Present Simple - Affirmative Sentences

Daily Routines

lorena carranza

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Present Simple - Affirmative Sentences

1) You will listen to an extract of a song twice. First, listen to it. Second, complete the extract with the following phrases in the correct form as you listen to the song. WAKE UP RUN FOR THE BUS PUT ON MAKEUP WONDER WHAT DRESS TO WEAR COMB YOUR HAIR "I say a Little Prayer for You" I wake Up I take a bath I have breakfast I go to school I study “I Say a Little Prayer for You” I Go Home I Have Lunch I Do Homework I Play with the dog I Watch TV I Go Rollerskating I Have Dinner I Go to Bed Present Simple Go home at 1 p.m Go to bed at 11 p.m. They We You I Wake up at 7 o´clock in the morning Have breakfast at 7:30. Present Simple –Affirmative sentences HAVE BREAKFAST HAVE LUNCH GET DRESSED GO TO BED GO TO SCHOOL

2. You __________breakfast with your brother.

3. They _________with the dog.

4. We __________ to school every day.

5. You__________ up early in the morning.

6. They_ ________TV before dinner.

7. I_____________my teeth. Task 3 – Fill in the blanks with
the corresponding verb. For example: Task 2 – Work in group of 4 students. You will be given an envelope containing two pictures and a list of verbs. Match the corresponding verb with the given pictures. Then, make two sentences orally.
1. The moment I ______________________

2. Before I ___________________________
I say a little prayer for you

3. While ___________________________ now,

4. And _____________________________________ now,
I say a little prayer for you Bart´s Daily Routine My daily Routine Task 3- Look at Jelena´s e-mail and write about your daily routine
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