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Fundraising and Supporter Care

An introduction

Islamic1 Asi

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Fundraising and Supporter Care

Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Fundraising and Supporter Care Unit Islamic Relief An introduction sO...HOW DID WE DO? FSC 2012 Developments Ready to
answer the call UK UK Programmes Fundraising & Supporter Care Business Support Communications Islamic Relief UK
Structure... Fundraising &
Supporter Care (FSC)
Structure Head of FSC Community
Fundraising Supporter
Care Major Gifts Trust Fundraiser Corporate Fundraiser Mosques Coordinator Support
Officer Donation Station Call Centre Agents Orphans Officer Direct Marketing Data Analyst Scotland Major Gifts Community
Fundraising Scotland Direct
Marketing Supporter
Care Street and
Door to Door
Collections Volunteers Major Gifts

On approved panel for JP Morgan, UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and E&Y
Partnerships with Mothercare, HSBC, Etihad Airways, Lloyds TSB
£860,000 generated by top 10 donors
Secured over £900,00 from the Scottish Government
Hosted Princes Trust delegation in Pakistan
Social Action Project – Bangladesh PURPOSE

To develop and implement strategies to increase the funding income of Islamic Relief through a range of fundraising initiatives, acquisition of new supporters & retention of existing ones.
Total Raised £21m

No. of Donors 72,500

Total Gifts 215,000

New donors 35,100

Average Gift £249

Regular Givers 9,527 Online Contact Centre CFR Regular Giving Post DEC Bank Deposit Shops TV Appeal Payroll Giving Corporate TOTAL £3,022,426 £6,727,131 £3,084,152 £2,053,141 £1,698,291 £1,378,000 £1,238,059 £812,221 £735,851 £65,781 £57,300 £20,060,628.56 2011 Income Streams Emergency Fund £5,750,000 QUESTIONS Director Scotland
assistant Support
Officer Regional Manager London Manager North London South London East London West London Wales west Midlands North East East Midlands North West Regular Gifts Officer Single Gifts Donations Officer SCU
Assistant Overall Team 2011 Highlights TOP VIEW For 2011 Challenges The community fundraisers ensure that Islamic Relief’s message is disseminated at a grass roots level. They create awareness and instigate and support community activities to raise money for the specified cause. Sponsorship Proceeds from external events Exhibition Stands Sponsored activities to raise money for a particular cause. Volunteers are the backbone of the organisation. Islamic Relief effectively Utilizes and empowers volunteers general volunteers
pro-bono volunteers
professional field volunteers e.g. doctors Supporting volunteer
events and initiatives IR or Community Group Initiated
Fundraising Dinners The concept of FR Dinners has been extremely successful. Non-IR Events Mosques Collections during Ramadhan
and emergencies. Account Management
High Net Worth CFR Direct
Marketing Giving
Patterns Donor Segmentation Other Zakat al-Fitr WAQF/Sadaqa Jariya Sadaqa General Dev Projects Feed the Needy Qurbani Fund Water and Wells Orphans DEC General Fund
£6,040,000 £480,000 £1,378,000
£1,980,000 £725,000 £1,150,000 £520,000
£155,000 £850,000 £173,000 £295,000 £810,000 £20,028,000 2011 Funds Zakat TOTAL FUNDS AMOUNT Establish a trust &foundation fundraising strategy
Establish legacy and wills giving
Optimise income from the TIC recycling operation Engage with community networks
Develop an effective volunteer programme Diversify & optimise income streams Increase returns at community level Giving
Potential Market Research

Community Fundraising

Mosque tour Imam Zaid Shakir (USA) & Sheikh Muhammed Jibril (Egypt)
Pakistan one year on – Wasim Akram tour
25 Sponsored Challenge Events (over 1,500 participants)
Charity week – raised over £350K
3,000 volunteers mobilised
250 street collections
120 events
300 mosques Lead on supporter relations
Managing donation processes
Managing database
Live Appeals The Financials
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