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Romeo and Juliet family tree

No description

Jackson McCauley

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet family tree

Montague and Capulet family tree

By :Jackson McCauley The Montagues Lady Montague is the mother of romeo. she is very caring and loving of her son romeo. Almost to a point where she is a little overprotective of him, and ends up dying when she hears of romeos death. Lord Montague is the father of romeo, he is very disciplined and expects a lot from his son. He, like most Montagues hate the Capulets but he has a long history with them and especially despises them. but when he gets over his past and decides to make a statue of Juliet at the end of the play it shows how love can make anything happen Romeo is the main character of the play and he begins the play depressed over rosaline whom he loves for the moment. but, when his friend benvolio convinces him otherwise he falls in love with juliet. although their families bitterly hate each other they still find a way to get married and be together Friar Lawrence is the Montagues friar. he is very loyal to the Montagues and has a good relationship with romeo. he is very brave when he decides to marry romeo and Juliet in secret but was determined that it would make the two families stop bickering and get along Lady Montague Lord Montague Mercutio Romeo Friar Lawrence Mercutio is a good friend of romeo and is a very interesting character. he has many different ways of expressing himself. He makes alot of plays on words and poems. but also he can be very dumb and act like he has no brain. he is one of the most changing charaters in the play Benvolio Benvolio is romeos cousin that convinces him to go to the party which allows him to meet juliet, he is very calm and always tries to break up fights when they arise. he also is a good friend that romeo can talk to and get advice from Friar John friar john is another one of the Montagues friars. he fails to take the letter to romeo that in the long run would have saved young romeos life Balthasar Balthasar is one of the Montagues servants and he tells romeo the news of Jliets "Death" Abram Abram is another one of the Montagues servants and gets in a fight with Sampson and Gregory in the beginning of the play Apothecary the apothecary of mantua sells the poison to romeo which allows him to kill himself The Capulets Lady Capulet lady capulet is the mother of juliet and seems nice and sweet but in reality is very demanding making her daugher do this or that the way she wants. also she never really cares for juliet and just leaves the mothering to the nurse Capulet lord capulet isthe father of juliet and is very strict. he likes things done with order and respect and when you break those rule h gets very upset Juliet juliet is the second main character in the play. she is a young 13 year girl that just wants to live freely but her parents have forced it upon her to grow up and she does show alot of maturity in not chasing after paris but waiting untill dhe meets romeo. Nurse the nurse is definitely like Juliet mother and caretaker she is helpful and is very trustworthy because they are very close. the nurse helps romeo come and see juliet at nights and is there for juliet whenever she needs assastance Tybalt Tybalt is Juliets cousin and is very brave. his bravery sometimes goes to far and ends up getting killed. but he is also very violent always wanting a fight. he is very cocky and annoying to the montagues which brings the rivalry back in the beginning of the play Peter Peter is the illiterate capulet servant that invites romeo to the party in the beginning of the play Sampson and Gregory sampson and gregory are the two capulet servants in the begining of the play that start a fight the odd ones out Prince Escalus Prince Escalus is the prince of Verona and tries to end the fighting between the Montagues and Capulets Paris Paris is the man who constantly wanted to marry Juliet Rosaline Rosaline is the woman who is not shown in the play but romeo has loved from before the beginning of the play
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