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School Prayer Pros and Cons

Whether or not Christian religion should be shown in public freely, or hidden/ forbidden.

Michael Fuentes

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of School Prayer Pros and Cons

Reason Cons -Students are not allowed to express their right of religion in school, because it causes a "disruption."
-School officials are very observant towards students, and their first amendment rights.
-Teachers wrongfully punish students if they have a personal opinion about religion.
-Students cannot hold anything religiously related during school hours, has to be before or after school.
-Rosaries are not allowed in school because they are considered "gang related."
-Students are wrongfully searched, due to mistreatment of student rights and protections. Pros - Being respectful when it comes to an individual's personal opinions. Examples include, saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas to individuals in public, and allowing a moment of silence to be chosen by the individual as their time, and not implying prayer, and a stable relationship between state and church.
-Our country is based on religious founders. It is reasonable that America can be very meticulous when it comes to our Christian faith.
-Our nation's anthem states we are in fact " One Nation, Under God..." this shows that religion should be taken into consideration. School Prayer Over the past 30 years, in what some Americans consider a prolonged assault on religious freedom in the U.S., the Supreme Court has ruled several cases that religion and public education are an unconstitutional mix. School Prayer: A Presentation by Amber Berry, Michael Fuentes and Alberto Armendariz.
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