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Confused About Google Drive?

Designed for middle and upper school students and teachers.

Barbara Lee

on 31 July 2017

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Transcript of Confused About Google Drive?

You’re Not Alone.
Confused About Google Drive?
What Is Google Drive?
Google Drive is a
— a place on the internet —
that holds files.
How do I get to my Google Drive?
Here is one good way.
You can get files into your Google Drive by making a new doc, or sheet...
a Google Doc
a song.
a photo (jpeg), or
So what kinds of files can I save in Google Drive?
a PowerPoint presentation
You can log in to Google Drive from any computer, anywhere, and create files, or upload files. And if you want, you can share those files with anybody.
First, start Chrome, then log in to your school email. Once you are logged in, click on the “checkerboard” icon on the top right of your screen.
Press “play”!
You can also
a file
to your Google Drive.
From the drop-down, click on
the Google Drive icon.
play me too!
When you install the Google Sync app, it automatically sends any files you save in a special folder on your computer up to Google Drive in the cloud.
So... Still confused about Google Drive?
So what is the
Google Sync app?
How do I put files in my
Google Drive?
Any kind of files!
You're in! Your Google Drive might look something like this:
And anything you create in the cloud goes right back down to
that same folder
on your computer.
Think of it as a big garage in the cloud...
where your files are the cars, nicely parked.
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