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Unit Testing?! a Pragmatic Introduction

An oversimplified, pragmatic introduction to Software Unit Testing.

Richard Adleta

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Unit Testing?! a Pragmatic Introduction

FAIL TESTS TEST Unit Testing?! a Pragmatic Introduction by Richard Adleta Unit Testing "Code which checks code" defined Unit Testing why?! prevents BUGS FUTURE exposes BUGS earlier BUGS highlights deSIGN Unit Testing how?! decide what? write wRITE( ); scope? fails? success? WHAT to CRITICAL COMPLEX USED OFTEN OR 80/20 RULE cover as MUCH with as LITTLE as you can ASSERT COMMENT Repeatable FAST ATOMIC Clean UP Assert all your assumptions Test should behave the same every time Test should be quick A test should not rely on other tests Add lots of comments about the intent of your test code Test should always clean up after itself GOOD
TESTS always make sure your does it really work?! SUCCESS always leave your tests with "The longer it's broken; the harder it is to fix." Unit Testing resources and references
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