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Chapter 3A and 3B

Learning about foods in spanish

MaryAnn Kibbie

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 3A and 3B

To talk about Breakfast El Cereal Los Huevos El Pan El Pan Tostado El Platano La Salchicha Breakfast - El Desayuno CHAPTER 3A El Tocino El Yogur To talk about lunch For Breakfast - En El Desayuno For Lunch - En el Almuerzo Lunch - El Almuerzo CHAPTER 3 Claudia Goree' and Mayola Kibbie
10th and 11th Grade
Kent Mountain View Academy La Ensalada La Ensalada de Frutas Las Fresas La Galleta La Hamburguesa El Jamon La Manzana La Naranja Las Papas Fritas El Perrito Caliente La Pizza El Queso El Sandwich De Jamon Y Verduras La Sopa De Verduras To Talk About Beverages El Agua El Cafe El Jugo De Manzana El Jugo De Naranja La Leche La Limonada El Refresco El Te El Te Helado CHAPTER
3B To Talk About Eating and Drinking Beber = To Drink Comer = To Eat La Comida = Food, Meal Compartir = To Share To Talk About Food and Beverages La Cena El Bistec La Carne El Pescado EL Pollo La Cabolla Los Guisantes Las Judias Verdes La Lechuga Las Papas Los Tomates Las Uvas Las Zanahorias El Arroz Los Cereales Los Espaguetis Las Grasas La Mantequilla El Helado Los Pasteles Las Bebidas To Talk About Being Hungry And Thirsty Tengo Hambre. - I'm Hungry Tengro Sed. - I'm Thirsty To Discuss Health Caminar Haver Ejercicio (Yo) Hago (Tu) Haces Levantar Pesas Para La Salud Para Mantener
La Salud To Indicate How Often Nunca = Never Siempre = Always Todos Los Dias = Every Day To Say That You Like/Love Something Me/Te Encarta(n)____ = I/You Love (_____) Me/Te Gusta(n)____ = I/You Like (_____) Other Useful Words Comprendor = To Understand Con = With Cual = Which, What Mas O Menos = More Or Less Por Supuesto = Of Course Que Asco = How Awful Sin = Without Verdad = Right To Indicate A Perference (Yo) Prefiero = I Prefer Deber = Should, Must (Tu) Prefieres = You Prefer To Indicate Agreement or Disagreement Creer = To Think Creo Que... = I Think... Creo Que Si/No = I (Don't) Think So (No) Estoy De Acuerdo = I (Don't) Agree To Ask A Question of Give An Answer Por Que = Why Porque = Because To Express Quantity Algo = Something Muchos, -as = Many Todos, -as = All To Describe Something Horrible = Horrible Malo, -a = Bad Sobroso, -a = Tasty, Flavorful Other Useful Words Cada Dia = Every Day SOY ERES ES SOMOS SOIS SON SER = TO BE TO WALK To Excersize You Do I Do To Lift Weights For One's Health To Maintain One's Health
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