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African Unicorns Presentation

African Unicorns

Benjamin Rocheteau

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of African Unicorns Presentation

Where West African culture influenced art in France, during the Renaissance
Music was most influenced in America
Rock and Roll
Call and response
Dance was also most influenced in America
Swing dancing
Tap dance
Jazz, hip hop, and break dance Who First people to actually be affected by African culture were the Portuguese
They were the first to come to purchase slaves (possibly in the nineteenth century) How did the
Diverse Culture of West
Africa Affect the
Western World? By Jessica, Anish, Tejas, Alex, Irene, Ishana, Anya, and Benjamin What West African cultural influences include...
Call and Response songs (a form of music)
It also affected the burial ceremonies
It changed the way they celebrated marriages Why First came to the Western world in the form of slaves
African traders also brought tradition and influence with them
Europeans who enjoyed the African lifestyle merged it with their own When Western World was first introduced to the African culture in 1441 AD, mainly because of the practice of slavery
As the practice of slavery caught on, African influence was everywhere By the African Unicorns African Influence
on the
Western World Key Vocab Words folktale - a story that is passed down orally and eventually becomes part of the tradition

call and response - a style of singing where the leader calls and a group responds

applique - a technique where fabric shapes are attached onto a background fabric

terra-cotta - a modeling clay used to sculpt or make pottery

balafon - the original griot insturment

ngoni - a small stringed instrument

kora - a harplike instrument with 21 strings

sculpture - a model of a leader or spirit made of clay or metal Pop Quiz! You have 5 minutes. 1. How did West African culture originally spread into the Western World?
a. Monasteries
b. Slavery
c. Trading
d. Slave-trading
e. Language

2. What were the three components of West African culture that spread to the Western World? (choose 3)
a. Art
b. Dance
c. Music
d. Theater
e. Language

3. Why did the Europeans accept West African culture?
a. West Africans forced it upon Europeans
b. Europeans liked their style, and adapted it
c. The religion spread
d. The French forced the West Africans to give their art to them
e. The Portuguese forced everyone to accept Western culture

4. What country was first affected by West African culture?
a. China
b. Portugal
c. America
d. Mongolia
e. Brazil

5. Which country was most influenced by West African Art during the Renaissance?
a. America
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Russia
e. Mongolia

BONUS: How did it change their lives? List at least 3 ways. Answers Switch quizzes with your partner,
and write Corrected by at the
bottom of the page. 1. D

2. A, B, C

3. B

4. C

5. C

BONUS: (Three of the four):
- African culture affected European art
- African also affected modern storytelling
- Dancing styles were changed
- Music styles such as jazz were affected too Please give your papers to a representative that will come to your table. We will average your scores. The team with the most points gets a treat. We hoped you watched the slide show and read last night's document. Because now, it's time for a ... Grading scale:
First 5 questions are worth 2 points each if correct
If the bonus is answered correctly, add 1 extra point to the score
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