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Teacher and Student Relationships

No description

Nikki Smith

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Teacher and Student Relationships

Teacher and Student Relationships
Indiana Laws
Any misconduct with a minor (younger than 16) is illegal.
Most schools prohibit student/teacher affairs; although there is no definite state law
Teachers will be stripped of teaching credentials and students may be expelled
No federal law
Specific Cases
Mary Kay LeTorneau and Villi Fualaau
-Seattle teacher
-Began affair when Fualaau was 13 yrs old
-Arrested in February 1997

Bob Ashcraft
-Volleyball coach with his player (LaPorte, IN)
-Began affair when player was 14 yrs old
-21 year sentence

Lee Dabagia
-Michigan City principal
-Administrative leave for "sexting" student
Heloise and Abelard
Alessandro Stradella and Ortensia
Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt
Joseph Campbell and Jean Erdman
Female Teachers w/
"There's a stigma in society that young men being with older women is a desirable thing, Like in 'The Graduate'. It's not seen so much as abuse as a actual relationship; it's almost as if boys are taught they should feel like there's something cool about this."
What are a woman's motives for targeting a younger male student?
States w/ Strict Law
Texas-any sexual relationship between a student or teacher is illegal no matter what age or gender.
States w/ Lenient Laws
Arkansas-does not prohibit student teacher relationships as long as it is consensual.
Male Teachers w/ Female Students
What are a male teacher's motives for targeting a younger female student?
CNN Interview With Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau
by: Nikki, Kelsia, Sarah
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