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Event Workforce Pathway Program - WA

No description

Alice Turnbull

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Event Workforce Pathway Program - WA

Event Workforce

The Event Workforce Pathway Program is designed to provide a pathway for you to build practical work experience while receiving exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ access into the events industry via a range of industry specific resources.

Step 3: Join the EW Dream Team!!
The EW Dream Team consists of our best staff! The team will include between 40 – 50 staff in your state.

These staff will liaise with clients, become team leaders and set the example for all EW staff.

Students in the Dream Team will have access to all EW Academy Resources, plus additional features.

Team leader evaluations at each event will determine who joins our Dream Team. Criteria include:

- Presentability - Task Completion
- Initiative - Punctuality
How it works...
Step 1: Set up your profile and apply for events!!
Once you register with Event Workforce you will be able to apply for all upcoming events.

Your registration will become your online events portfolio; make sure you upload your accreditation photo and resume!
Gain access to your own portfolio of events worked and specific event debriefs; allowing you to build your personal online resume of events and experiences.

Additional 'industry specific' resources include:

• On-line interviews with industry professionals
• Case studies and interviews with past Event Workforce staff
• A jobs board advertising upcoming internship opportunities
• Resume templates and job application tips and hints
• Feature articles on staff in our monthly E-News sent to all industry contacts
• Letters of reference upon request
Dream Team Perks!!
Members of the EW Dream Team are often placed into roles of higher responsibility which provide more opportunties to meet industry professionals. Benefits also include:

Additional event work opportunities, particularly at 'activation' events .

The opportunity to become an Event Workforce team leader at events.

Better payed positions. Incl. Team Leader roles, site coordinators, area managers etc.

The opportunity to travel interstate with the EW team for events around the country.

Step 4: Full Time Industry Placements!!
Our goal at the conclusion of the pathway is to link our best staff with full time industry work opportunities using our current clients.

Although we can’t guarantee full time work to all staff; we hope this pathway program can give you the confidence to step into any job interview and speak about your previous experiences with evidence to back it up.

Event Workforce is placement with a purpose and we wish all students the best of luck in their future careers!
Your first event could be one of Australia's largest !!
Tough Mudder
The Color Run
The Ashes Cricket
Future Music Festival
Plus many more......
What is Event Workforce?
Event Workforce is a driven, reliable and innovative staff placement agency. Our mission is simple. We place motivated tertiary students into relevant event work including voluntary, promotions, hospitality and event operations roles. Since establishing in 2010 we have placed over 2,700 tertiary students at 160 major events Australia wide.

Step 2: Work one event and gain access to the EW Academy!!
Once you work your FIRST event with EW (it can be either paid work or a voluntary shift) you will gain access to the EW Academy!

The Academy is a unique online portal that can only be accessed by EW academy staff!

Its your online events portfolio & looks like...
Complete a sign up form or apply directly at www.event-workforce.com.au
Tough Mudder
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October
Upcoming opportunities in WA!!
Neon Run
Saturday 9th November

Supersprint Corporate Series
Sunday 9th March
What do current students have to say??
Do you want to be an Event Workforce Uni Rep??
Are you looking for that opportunity to kick start your events career? Are you passionate about your events / sport / marketing degree? Are you keen to get some hands on event experience?

- 1- 2 hr commitment per week.
- Communicate upcoming events to your uni community!
-Gain priority selection for upcoming events!
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