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Arts in Education

No description

Daniel Mowery

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Arts in Education

BY: CAROLINE COZART, HALEY KING, CODY MANGUM, DANIEL MOWERY, MADDIE WYATT ARTS IN EDUCATION Elementary Arts Middle school Visual Arts Middle school Theatre Middle School Music Curriculum of Elementary School Music classes:
Tone Color
Style Simpler than high school visual art classes Benifits
Helps students with creative thinking.
Helps English skills.
Helps student develope emotionally
Helps with leadership skills
Lets students understand with different cultures Band High School Visual Arts High School Theatre High School Music High School Chorus High school Band
-primary colors
-effecient use of
-Principle of design
-clay pots
-acuretly drawing shapes and faces
-contore drawings -middle ages/renaissance/current art events
-how art came about
-how art effects the mind
-pros and cons of art
-what careers use art how to read music
how to play instrument
basic understanding and appreciation of orchestral music
how to tune Chorus Benefits language development Increased IQ Spatial-temporal skills Improved test scores
Brain works harder Advanced understanding of music
Skill building
Advanced, honors, and AP Marching Band
career options: drum corps, military band Music theory and advanced notation Curriculum of Elementary School Art classes:
Art Media and Processes
Design and Function
Content and Creativity Expression
Art Heritage Benefits of Arts in Elementary School:
better behavioral habits
develops skills in reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, verbal skills and language development.
leads to academic achievement.
helps to encourage an atmosphere of cultural diversity.
stabilize children with emotional issues.
stimulates multiple intelligences. (linguistic, musical, kinesthic, interpersonal) where you learn the basic concepts of musical and visual arts career options: director, educator, performance, music production, Sources Activity Issues concerning Arts in Elementary School:
budget cuts are being made to art programs in elementary school. Longer classes and more complex Catholic Schools Office: Diocese of Erie. (2004, February). Elementary and Middle School Music Curriculum Guidelines. Retrieved from http://www.eriercd.org/pdf/schools/musicc.pdf Catholic Schools Office: Diocese of Erie. (2004, February). Elementary and Middle School Art Curriculum Guidelines. Retrieved from http://www.eriercd.org/pdf/schools/artcurr.pdf Exploring the Benefits of Art in Elementary Education. (2011, October 28). Exploring the Benefits of Art in Elementary Education. http://www.csustan.edu/honors/journals/elements.html Smith, Fran. (2009, January 28. Why Arts Education Is Crucial, and Who's Doing It Best. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/arts-music-curriculum-child-development Brown, L. L. (n.d.). The Benefits of Music Education . Music & Arts . Education | PBS Parents. PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Retrieved December 28, 2012, from http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/music-arts/the-benefits-of-music-education/ Drum Corps International :: Marching Music's Major League™. (n.d.). Drum Corps International :: Marching Music's Major League™. Retrieved March 15, 2013, from http://www.dci.org/about/partners/view.cfm?partner_id=82075814-c382-484e-b342-96db05698ef8 how to match pitch
how to create a unified sound
basic understanding of choral music
basic understanding of SATB Concept/Technique Media -symmetry and color schemes
-paint brush techniques and
pencil shading
- hatching technique -materials used Importance? -can help in any profession (creativity)
-broaden appreciation of the world
-intellectual development
-express oneself
-experience hands on learning
-help in other areas of school and in life
-well-rounded Importance? -broaden appreciation of the world
-express oneself
-intellectual development
-hands on learning What is learned in middle school visual art classes? Bryant, B. (n.d.). Katy independent school district. Retrieved from http://www.katyisd.org/finearts/Pages/importance.aspx LoParco, M. (n.d.). dryden art department. Retrieved from http://www.dryden.k12.ny.us/schools/shared/dreamweaver www/erechtin/docs/why important page.htm Horan, T. (09 N). Amesbury high school. Retrieved from http://www.amesburyma.gov/AmesburyHigh.cfm?subpage=1 66912 Start to understand the basics of characters and their delvoment.
Understand what the very basics of what A director, Stage Manager and a Actor Does.
Learn the basics of theatre history
Learn the basics of theatre design We will play 8 (30) second songs. Students will listen to each song and then choose a color that represents a mood of the song for themselves.
The objective of this activity is to help students think critically about abstract reasoning, also to hear and experience diffrent cultures in music. Experience and Application Extra-curiculars Split into Basic, Intermediate, Advance, and Honors
Start taking on positions of the Director, Stage Manager, Designers.
Learn basic construction skills.
Learn about the script and characters deeper.
Go deeper in to performance, history and tech side of theatre.
The opportunity to do shows in the Fall and the Spring. Things to take away from Theatre.
Leadership skills, better understanding of literature
Builds Friendship, which could be an outlet for teens Advanced Choirs: To seperate experience levels
More focus on theory: Learning the underlying factors that plays into music
Music Theory Courses: Gives you a better understanding of music and prepares you for a career in music
Multiple Career Options: Vocal Performance, Popular Music, Musical Theatre
Opens doors for those interested in going to college: Scholarships, Internships, Jobs
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