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gela banzon

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

After long hours of walking, Stiffling from the noontime heat, Ibrahim saw something floating on the river! Late afternoon, he saw some travelers and pasha, but they ignored him. They made only the usual greetings and give no other signs!!! Once, there was a Holy man named Mullah Ibrahim You know, being on this kind of life, my work was said to be very thankless and ill paid.. One morning, ...while sitting in meditation, Ibrahim suddenly thought of his sorry state.... Why do I, known as a Holy Man must toil so hard to be able to eat and live? Why do some people who have done nothing still eat sumptuously everyday? Isn't it unjust??? Because of that, Ibrahim decided to leave the seminary to discover the miracles of Allah Ibrahim found a dry and shady spot along the river for him to be able to rest However, after some months, Ibrahim started to wonder where his daily ration of food came from. So he started out on a journey upstream one morning... While waiting for the bounty of Allah, Ibrahim felt asleep without eating! When he woke up, he felt too faint from hunger that she can't even stand. However, same scenarios tend to happen. Still no miracle from asking food from Allah... However, still, he did not lose hope but prayed with usual fervor It seemed a pack of leaves with food inside! Inside was the most delicious "haiwa", and the famous "marzipan", and a sweetmeat with sugar mixed with paste of almond!!! After satisfying himself, he assured that his prayers had been answered, and that he would not have to toil anymore ..and what's more amazing is that it came each day that passes! No need to work then!!! I am known as the Holy and the Wise Man that teaches Islam to Moslem students On the fourth day of his journey, Ibrahim came upon a fair castle on an island on the midst of the river.... Upon observing the ice sculptured castle, Ibrahim saw a lady of exceeding beauty on its veranda overlooking the river. She threw something into the river. His eyes followed the object that she had thrown. It was the same package of leaves that Ibrahim had been receiving daily! Every single day, I work very hard as if I never get tired at all... On the fourth day of his journey, Ibrahim came upon a fair castle on an island on the midst of the river Upon observing the ice sculptured castle, Ibrahim saw a lady with exceeding beauty on the castle veranda overlooking the river. She threw something into the river His eyes followed the object she had thrown. It was the very package of leaves he had been receiving daily! Ibrahim bestowed his greatfulness to the princess for the daily ration of the most delicious foods. What's this you tell me? It is my custom to take a bath of milk, after which I anoint and rub my limbs with essence of almonds, sugar and sweet scented cosmetics. These, then, I remove from my nakedness and wrapping them in leaves, THROW THEM INTO THE RIVER.. With these grateful thoughts, Ibrahim cast himself into a trance, for as a holy man, he had acquired some knowledge of the magical art that led him to break the magic spells of the castle! Ibrahim was left crying with dry face... MORAL LESSON: Allah surely gives food to everyone, but its quality and kind are dictated by what man deserves! THE FOOD OF PARADISE Being curious about what he saw, Ibrahim met a hermit which narrated to him the history of the castle.. But so strong was the pasha's love that he built this castle and cast numerous dark and terrible magic spells upon it. None could leave and enter it without permission He fell in love with the princess, but her father forbade their marriage! Then, he abducted the princess, married her, and kept her in her tower! That is the Silver Castle, built by a pasha now dead The King, her father pursued them with an army to recover her, but so strong were the pasha's magic that the King was compelled to give up "And does the princess still live there?", asked Ibrahim "No", replied the hermit Both she and her husband died; but they left behind a daughter who governs the castle A lady with surpassing beauty and wealth, her one great sorrow was that none could dissolve the spells Until now, she lives her life in great loneliness! After narrating the hidden story of the castle, the Hermit left Ibrahim Oh! How greatful the princess is! I must give thanks to her! I need to go inside the castle!!!
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