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nicolas garza

on 12 February 2010

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Transcript of prezi

Should Texting While Driving Be Illegal? Talking and/or texting on a cell phone while driving has been proven to cause death or other serious injury. In 2004 a study done by the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis found that text messaging contributes to 6% of crashes which equals 636,000 crashes every year. Those crashes result in 2,600 deaths and there were 330,000 injuries. Nationwide Insurance reported that in 2008, 67% of accident claims they received were related to cell phones. In 2008, 6,000 Americans died after cell phone linked accidents. Cell phone use already illegal in some states California banned cellphone use in 2008 and New York as early as 2001 While some cities in Texas have banned cell phone use, there is not a STATE law. Senate Bill 154 has been proposed. Cell phone use while driving is probably purely personal and not a necessity Statistics have shown that 61% of all cell phone subscribers admit they use their cell phone in the car for purely personal reasons. This means, using a cell phone in the car can wait until you get home or to a safe place to make a call and/or receive or send out texts. I believe for the safety of all, cellphone use, which includes texting, should be banned and illegal in all states. Nicolas Garza period 1 Acknowledgements:
www.momlogic.com, August 2008
www.livescience.com, "Should cell phones Be Banned While Driving? Jan. 12, 2009
www.doityourself.com, "Statistics On Death By Cell Phones" In September 2005, a careless driver on her cellphone ran a red light and killed the mother driving this car. In Mississippi, the driver of this Ford was rear ended by a cellphone texter. The driver of this Mustang was on her cellphone and drove into oncoming traffic. This was her 2nd accident and both were due to her cellphone.
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