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We are Leverage 5

Company profile

Laurie L Ford

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of We are Leverage 5

The Big Idea... Introducing a commercial Real Estate Consulting & Project Management firm that leverages five services and demonstrates five important qualities Experienced AND Completely independent, unbiased advocate for the clients that we serve. 1. Architecture & Design Coordination 1.
2. Cost Savings
3. Mitigate Risk
4. Coordinate the details
5. WHAT is typically a Company's largest expense after personnel? Remember the “The More You Know…” public service announcements? Well, the more you know, the better service provider you will be. Exceptional Customer Service is still about a comprehensive understanding of who your customers are and what they want. Real Estate!
The space that they sit in EXCEPTIONAL = Industry Expertise Why Leverage 5? 3.Technology Driven Web Based Data backup and redundancy – Without this technology, the progress made on a project would be extremely vulnerable to loss or corruption, which could result in huge financial losses for the company. Over 20 years of success in the industry

8 years "in-house" Corporate Real Estate & Facilities experience for AT&T

12 Years "out-sourced" Corporate Real Estate & Facilities experience

Exclusive client list including Bank of America, Georgia Pacific, Carolina's Healthcare Services, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Ricoh Worldwide, Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting, Kimberly Clark & Equifax WHAT is Project Management? Sustainable 5. Cost Effective Who? So, how do we get this information? We Ask. We Listen, we learn everything we can about our current and prospective clients/customers so that we can exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs. Communications – Business communications have changed dramatically over the last ten years. Email and web conferencing have replaced phone calls and personal visits as the communication methods of choice. Since project managers often serve as lynchpins in communications among clients, team members, vendors and management, well-designed communications software is indispensable for effective project management. Diagramming – Diagramming software is used to produce graphical representations of projects and flowcharts. From a project management standpoint, this software can improve workflow and timing. Social media – If you haven’t yet received a task status update via Twitter, that is likely coming. Social media can help project managers stay on top of their teams and track progress, and, in fact, a growing number of PMs are currently using Facebook or other social media tools to communicate with project teams and clients. Project Management platforms – Last, but certainly not least, is the growing number of software applications that are designed specifically for project management tasks. These platforms come with a number of useful tools that can help manage scheduling, cost estimation, budget control, and documentation. Most PM platforms provide some mixture of communications and file sharing as well as tools for assigning tasks, milestones, and deadlines. Leverage Five's project managers have a plethora of technologies available to help optimize their project management tasks. By taking advantage of these and other software applications, project managers can become more effective and efficient and in turn provide their clients increased value. OFFERING:
1. Construction Project Management
2. Furniture, Security & GC Procurement Assistance
3. Move Management
4. Furniture Installation Management
5. Request For Proposal (RFP) Writing / RFP Response Writing Laurie L. Ford
President & CEO
Leverage Five, LLC undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives--i.e. office expansion to accommodate a new business function-- is implemented to bring about beneficial change or added value i.e. add more services to bring in more revenue to the Company's bottom line is distinctly different from "Business as Usual" tasks and therefore requires distinct technical skills and management strategies not often retained in-house. The secondary —and more ambitious challenge is to not only meet the project objectives, but to give your client the "best bang for their buck". the project goal is to meet the objectives while honoring all preconceived constraints like scope, time, quality and budget. What does that really mean? Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables), We are
Leverage Five How much space do you need?
How many people? Offices? Conference rooms? Storage? 2. General Contractor Coordination How much will it cost to build out?
How long will it take to build?
How can we lower the cost?
How can we speed up the delivery? 3. Technology Coordination What are the IT requirements? Data? Telephony? How does the space support this technology? Additional HVAC? Additional Electrical? Low voltage wiring, Racks and equipment
installation timeline--Inspections, inspections... 4. Furniture Coordination What do you have? Which manufacturer? Reuse existing? Match existing? Purchase new? Budget? Timeline? Installation cost? Cabling? Lighting? 5. Equipment Coordination Copiers? Printers? Multi-fuctional units? White Noise? Flat Screen TV's? Audio Visual screens & Projectors? White Boards? Power & locations... 6. Security Requirement Coordination Card Key Readers? Door Strikes? Cameras? Motion Sensors, Proxy Cards? Parking Cards? Everything that is related to "SPACE" 7. Move Management Coordination Moving Company RFP, Move phasing, Equipment sequencing, Furniture/equipment de-installation, Phone Switch relocation, IT Network relocation, Move Coordination meetings, Landlord coordination, punch list Real Estate Project Management is like putting a puzzle together--lots of pieces to consider-- all of which have to go together in a specific order So how do you Lower Real Estate Costs?
Optimize the space that a Company occupies?
Lower the cost to build out their space?
Lower ongoing utility expenses? Hire an effective Real Estate Project Management firm! What are the pieces of the puzzle? 1.Exceptional Customer Service 2. Extensive Experience 4. Sustainable & Green Mobile--low overhead equates to savings for our customers LEED Certified- Leader in Energy & Environmental Design = sustainable, earth friendly design & products Request for Pricing (RFP) Procurement Assistance Writing the work specifications for Architects, GC's, Furniture, Technology, Movers, & Equipment. Manage the entire process to competitively bid out each element of the process to ensure that the client gets the best price possible. PROVIDING:
1. Exceptional Customer Service
2. Extensive Experience
3. Technology driven
4. A "Green" Approach
5. Cost Effective Services
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