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National Music Repository Library in Finland | The Past, The Present and The Future

IAML Riga 2017 Presentation, Tuomas Pelttari | Helsinki City Library

Tuomas Pelttari

on 29 June 2017

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Transcript of National Music Repository Library in Finland | The Past, The Present and The Future

National Music Repository Library in Finland
The National Repository Library opens in 1989.
The Transfer
From Vaski to Vaari
The LowTag
With a LowTag put in place before the shipment, the NRL can put the test run available quickly
Thank you!
Tuomas Pelttari
Helsinki City Library
IAML Finland
The Past
The Present
The Future

University Libraries of Oulu and Eastern Finland and NRL's cooperation turns out promising
Metadata preserved
The National Repository Library (NRL) is a resource shared by all Finnish libraries and information service centres. The NRL is the most economic way of storing library material. Because of the NRL, the need for extra shelf space in libraries throughout the country is decreased and can be controlled.

The basic function of the NRL is to receive, store and offer material for the use of other libraries. The NRL serves university and special libraries as well as public libraries, and acts as a connecting link in the library network.

2017 Project

Funded by The Ministry of Education and Culture
The Goals
To untangle the possibilities to store music recordings, starting with Public Music Libraries
To maintain if not enhance the present state of search tools in the process
The Survey
Aimed at 19 regional public libraries
in Finland
To reach the latest information
The Answers
Lack of space!
Need for national storage and preserving data imperative
Regional libraries'
storage space to overblow
Disposals increasing rapidly without established guidelines
Not to lose valuable material but to maintain availability
The National Library of Finland
The Public Library Network
Axiell Finland
The National Repository Library of Finland
Turku City Library
The Compact Disc still changes music libraries' actions
Lack of in-depth
collection work guidelines
Where are we now?
No sight of
extra hands
People Move On!
Turku City Music Library
59 000 CD titles,
including 12 000 in storage

Several hundred box sets of
collected works and complete recordings,
16 000 sheet music items
Present Finna.fi
On-Line Information
Some examples of availability
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