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But Who Can Replace A Man English Presentation

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on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of But Who Can Replace A Man English Presentation

takes place over many weeks
-sudden transitions But Who Can Replace a Man Field Minder
(Minder)- Characters Imaginative Elements Literary Techniques Setting Luna Homsi Xavier Benjamin Ryan Siegel
Anthony Theme Chronology Field Minder, Pen Propeller, Radio Operator, Quarrier Chronological sequence of events to create a sense of suspense
The plot develops in such a way that the reader thinks that the robots are now in charge, but then the man is found in the cave and we see that man is superior to machine and always will be. Pen Propeller (penner) Radio operator
(Operator)- Quarrier- Suburban area agricultural reserve A long, uneventful road robot responsible for maintaining agricultural field
Class 3 brain
very large
mobile No instructions have
been sent to the robots A man is found in a
cave, alone. What are they going to do? Who is he? Very similar to our own society, but in the future
Allows for author to be obvious in the way he describes it, because all characters are robots
Due to how far the fields are away from the cities, this presents how man no longer works in the fields and sends robots to do the manual labor instead
Man is superior so they just send robots to work the fields The machines decide to leave to create their own city Will they succeed? in the mountains big cities Juxtaposition Brain classes- levels of intelligence given to the robots to complete their tasks. The greater the brain class (one being the greatest) the greater their intelligence, responsibilities, and authority over the other robots. The machines are juxtaposed in the agricultural station.
Robots might be able to control natural organisms, but they will always be lesser than man. Class 3 brain
judgemental Man is superior to machine "Yes, Master" Gives the human's orders to other robots
Class two brain
immobile -The whole story revolves around the fact that man ruled over the robots, and the robots were clueless without the directions of man. obedient
class 5 brain
powerful Goals Replace man as the rulers of cities
Going to a city in the south Important character Narrative
Gather and organize robots "willing to serve"
Logically comes up with a plan to safely rule a city. Theme
one of the highest one the robot social structure immediately submits to weaker humans Giving up his goals and power
"yes master Immediately" Conflicts who will replace man
robots fighting in cities
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