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it's...it's...it's baaaaaaad

colin cooper

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of Bullying

Cyber Bullying...
What is it
Verbal Bullying
Physical Bullying...
What is it?
Physical bullying occurs when a person uses
real bodily contact against a peer(the victim). This can include kicking, punching, tripping, slapping, or other physical attacks.
Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to perform repeated, and intentional harm by a person or group.
Verbal bullying is using words to hurt or make fun of other people. Verbal bullying can be in different forms such as name-calling, insulting, and making racist or sexist comments or constant teasing.
You are so stupid...
You got no friends
cus you suck at
No I don't!!!
Bart left chat room.
Bart! Bart! He smells
like farts! HAHAHA!
is a gigantic problem in
our society these days. Many elementary schools and high schools
contain such people. Today we will be
discussing physical, cyber, and verbal bullying.
Unlike other types of bullying, physical is easy to identify because the acts are so visual.
(punching, pushing) Physical bullies usually show high levels of aggression from a young age and are more likely boys than girls.
Bullying isn't Bullying unless: -The same person is targeted repeatedly
- The bully/bullies intend to hurt, embarrass, or intimidate the victim
Physical Bullying...
-Coming home with bruises, cuts, or
other marks
- Having damaged clothes, books, or
other belongings
- Often losing things at school
- Frequently not feeling well before
-The victim changes his/her usual
route to school
- A sudden drop in grade levels
- begging for a drive to school
- a sudden lack of confidence (possibly stammering)
Physical bullying...
Why they do it
1. The bully may have been bullied before
to a point that he/she has to take their anger/
feelings out on someone else.
2. The bully may have been physically hurt at home, so they may want to take that pain out on someone else at school or outside of school to someone they know/ who is the same age or younger
What is it?
-Cyberbullying is different from normal bullying because it can happen at any time of the day.
Verbal bullying is the easiest to do and is the most popular form of bullying
Signs of it
-Can be done quickly and on a large scale because of the speed and reach of: Email,mobiles, and websites
Signs of it
Signs of Verbal Bullying
-unexpectedly stops using the computer
-Appears nervous or jumpy when an instant message, text message, or email appears
-Low self -esteem
-Appears to be angry, depressed, or frustrated after using the computer
-Not wanting to go to school
How to help stop bullying
-Avoids discussions about what they are
doing on the computer
-Becomes withdrawn or shy
why they do it
-They are often motivated by anger,
revenge or frustration
Sometimes they do it for entertainment
they could be bored or have too much
time on their hands
- Many do it for laughs or entertainment
The power hungry do it to torment
others and for their ego
-Seeing themselves in a
negative way
1.Try to ignore the bully: Bullies usually
bully to see what you will do, so try to ignore the bully and then they might move on.
2. Report the bullying by speaking to an adult:
Bullies most likely won't bully for long if they
are getting caught. So each time you are bullied,
tell a teacher or an adult.
3. Try to stick with a friend: bullies usually target
the weakest/alone person, so stick with a friend to
avoid being bullied.
4. Try to avoid the bully or spend recess
playing near a teacher so they can easily
see the bully if they bully you.
Why people Verbal Bully
-Because they are having problems at home
-They are scared to physical bully
- The bully may feel superior to the victim
-The victim does not hang
out /play with anybody
(doesn't have friends)
- a sudden loss of appetite
3. The bully may be jealous of another person
- To get attention
- The bully might have been pressured by his/
her peers
Thanks for watching
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