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Life Cycle of A Frog

No description

Sophie Prattley

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Life Cycle of A Frog

Life Cycle Of A Frog Frog eggs are laid in water or wet places.
Several thousand are sometimes laid at once.
They become surrounded in a jelly like coating which prtects the egg.
The embryo is then formed and can live off its internal yolk for 21 days After its 21 day development period, the embryo leaves its jelly shell, and attaches itself to a weed in the water.
This quickly becomes a tadpole, a baby frog.
The tadpoles grow until they are big enough to break free into the water.
This can take from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on what kind of frog they will become.
The tadpole has a long tail, and lives in the water. The tadpoles also face danger by being eaten by other water animals. After about five weeks, the tadpole begins to change. It starts to grow hind legs, which are soon followed with forelegs. Behind their heads bulges appear where their front legs are growing. Their tails become smaller. Lungs begin to develop. Now and then, they wiggle to the surface to breathe in air. The tail becomes larger so now they can swim. They eat plants and decaying animal matter. Some tadpoles eat frogs eggs and other tadpoles.

Over time, the tadpole becomes even more froglike. They have shed their skin and lips. Its mouth widens, and it loses its horny jaws. The tail becomes much smaller, and the legs grow. This is called a metamorph. Here are the sources where I got my pictures and information from

http://www.tooter4kids.com/Frogs/life_cycle_of_frogs.htm Eleven weeks after the egg was laid, the metamorph becomes a fully developed frog. This frog will live mostly on land, with occasional swims. Eventually, it will find a mate. The female lays the eggs, the male fertilizes them, and the whole process begins again. What is a frog born from? An egg from the mother or directly from the mother?? What hatches from the egg?? Does a tadpole grow straight into a normal frog? Here is the lifecycle put together The cycle then begins again. Here are many frog eggs, watch them as they grow into tadpoles in a time lapse. Watch this video to see the
hole lifecycle of a frog.
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