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Creating a podcast

Andy Stern

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Podcasts

Creating a podcast Citations Speakers: Creative Commons "Center Speaker" by Mike Babcock Computer Lab: Creative Commons "GHCA's Computer Lab Running Gentoo Linux" by Extra Ketchup Music Notes: Creative Commons "Villa-Lobos" by sanbeiji Graffiti Note: Creative Commons "Take a note" by Valerie Everett Talking: Creative Commons "Experimental Croup Voice singer" by yugenro Microphone: Creative Commons "Microphone" by Stephen Cummings Screen Shot of Victoria Carrington's "I write, therefore I am: texts in the city" Screen Shot of Walter Ong's "Writing Is a Technology that Restructures Thought" Graffiti as an art? Advertisement for new pizza place Video Game Advertisement Who Cares? The world is changing. Art is no longer as simple as it once was. Teaching isn't either. Make students think outside the box. Changing technology... Computer Set-up: Creative Commons "Office HDR" by phil Graffiti Tag: Creative Commons "Rime MSK LOsAngeles Graffiti Art" by anarchosyn Restaurant Graffiti: Creative Commons "Lotus Elise & Graffiti Artwork" by The Pug Father Street Art: Creative Commons "Hani and his street art" by Ed Yourdon Grand Theft Auto: Creative Commons: "Evil Graffiti" by Ben Cumming Handwriting: Creative Commons: "Shadow of a Writing Hand" by lowjumpingfrog Progress Automated Scoring Programs Five Paragraph Essay Reinforced "Standardization and scripting of instruction threaten to undermine writing instruction" (Herrington/Moran 13) Progress isn't always progress Earth: Creative Commons "Blue Marble (Planet Earth)" by woodleywonderworks Other World: Creative Commons "Chocolate Planet III" by fdecomite
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