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Julius Caesar

No description

Bryan Pussler

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar by: Bryan Pussler Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 BC into a family of partricians At the age 32, Caesar started his potical studies and at 41, he was named consul In 60 BC, Caesar had formed an unofficial alliance of three men called a triumvirate From 58-51 BC, Carsar fought against Gaul in the Gaulic wars. Caesar's 120,000 men had defeated had conquered Gaul's 3,000,000 men The senate wanted to get rid of Caesar so they went to Pompey for help. Pompey was a politican and a retired general. Pompey has to fight Caesar because Pompey wants to maintain the republic while Caeser wanted power. If Caesar's men betrayed him, he would take 1 of 10 of them and have them whiped to death. This was known as decimation and it would teach the other men a lesson. Caesar went to battle Pompey's army at Dyracchium, but Caesar had lost at this battle Caesar battled Pompey again at Pharsalus and this time, Caesar had won,even thoguh he was out numbered. Caesar then went to Egypt to fight for Cleopatra and make her pharaoh. Caesar also had an affair with Cleopatra even though he was married Caesar had the original calendar overhauled and created his own 365-day calendar.He named July after Julius in his honor. Ceasar named his grandnephew Octavian the heir to everything, including his name. On March 15 44 BC, Caesar went to a meeting held by the Sentate. There, he was stabbed 23 times by Marcus Brutus and 60 other members of the Senate. THE END!! Brutus was one of Caesar's close friend and shouted "Sic semper tyrannis!" at the assassination. It means "Thus always to tyrants!" While Caesar was being stabbed, he said "En tu, Brute?" which means "Even you, Brutus?"
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