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Holocaust Torture

This is a prezi about the worst forms or turture in the haulocaust

Keegan Konsor

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Holocaust Torture

Worst Forms Of Torture During Holocaust The Holocaust wasn't just a time of death to Jews. They weren't just gassed without pain.
People were tortured without mercy. Method Number One: Freezing There were a couple different ways to freeze people.
1. During winter you could lock people outside during blizzards.
2. Put people in freezers with no food or clothes.
3. Make people run in the snow until they froze to death or died of hunger and exhaustion. This was just one
simple and easy way
of killing the Jews. Method Method Number Two: Experimentation They would also Cut the twins fingers and see if the others would fall off also.
These experiments were just painful and excruciating. The Nazis Did many experiments
on the Jews. All off them were just outrageous and wrong. All were painful. The Nazis were very interested in twins for some reason. They would hit twins and see if the other felt pain. They would sew one twin to another seeing if maybe they would morph together, or just to see what would happen. It wasn't just twins they would
experiment on. They would experiment on other people too. They would pour acids and other liquids into people stomachs just to see what would happen. They would cut off a limb and see how long it would take to bleed out. They would put just two people in a room with no food to see if they would eat each other. The experiments were bewildering and horrific. Method number three: Starvation You may think starvation in the least cruel of all, but think, you get hungry for lunch even if you had a big breakfast. You feel hungry after your practices and you can just go and eat. You think going a day without food is bad. But these people went days until they died. No food or water until you just died. Without food your body starts to slowly shut down. You feel weak and empty. Soon you start to succumb to death and can't handle having a literal empty stomach.
New people come and the process starts again. Starvation The Nazis didn't always give the Jews their daily rations. Sometimes you went days without food or water. Other Methods I have showed many different basic methods of torture and slaughter. Here are some more exotic methods that don't fall into those categories. The Nazis would take or two people, and strip them of their belongings and clothes. They would then find many of one wild aggressive animal like a few bears. They would feed the bears properly so they were healthy. They would then prep the bears and humans and put them in a small arena. They would let the humans have some sort of weapon like a knife or sword and see how long they could last. If the humans managed to kill all the bears they would send out fresh new ones This method was called Bestiarii Another form of torture is the premature burial method. This method is a method of burying someone alive. They would put someone in some sort of pit or cave. That person would have a limited amount of food and water. The person would then die a slow death underground. The next method is a method a lot like the guillotine. The Blunt Ax The executioner would then smash it into the head of the victim until they died. This was where a executioner would take a huge mallet or hammer. The next is the necktie The necktie method is where someone would make a small slit in your throat, but not in a lethal spot. The person would then pull the victims tongue out of the slit. The last and possibly most painful is the blood eagle method. This method was only rumored to have happened. There was never proof of it happening.
The Blood Eagle Method is where the torturer would prepare his victim and cut a deep cut down the spine. they would then break off every rib and set them on the table. they would then take the still living breathing persons lungs out and sprinkle salt all over the open gash. This was only rumored to have happened, but one Nazi doctor stated that it had happened multiple times.
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