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No description

Dylan Spence

on 14 April 2017

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Transcript of I-Hate-You-Repellent

side effects of repellent
The side effects of the 'I hate you' repellent is the following; excessive farting, mood swings, stuttering, headache and rarely stomachache.
another one of our many satisfied customers
Actor, Robin Williams, said himself, " The side effects may seem scary, but it's way better than talking to someone you hate with a passion.."
Perks of taking I hate You Repellent
I hate You Repellent is guaranteed to make life better and more for you! Many customers noticed differences in seconds!
I Hate You Repellent
No need to feel like you want to disappear or punch anyone again. As simple as spraying the product on yourself and boom, the person you hate is gone!
One of our many satisfied customers
One of our many satisfied customers includes the one and only Will Smith, He says in an interview with him that "Ever since I bought the ' I hate you' repellent, I haven't been obligated to talk to anyone that I hate."
100% of all customers are satisfied with our product and would buy again!
The one repellent that won't let you down...
Our Intro
Ever run into someone you don't like? Well then don't you fret. I hate you repellent is here for you.
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