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A. Unlocking Difficulties:

No description

Christine Manapol

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of A. Unlocking Difficulties:

A. Unlocking Difficulties:
Instructions: Arranged the jumbled words to define the answers in the questions below.


1. A woman who has raised a child or given birth to a child.

HIECNLRD 2. A son or a daughter.

ILIGBSN 3. One or two individuals having one or both parents in common.

AHFTER 4. A male parent who has raised a child.

ALIYMF 5. A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.

NRNARGEPADT 6. A parent of someone's mother or father.

After 21 years of marriage, my wife told me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, 'I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." The other woman that my wife is referring to is my mother, who has been a widow for 19 years. That night I called my mother to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie.

That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. when I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date. She waited in the door with her coat on. She had curled her hair and was wearing the dress that she had worn to celebrate her last wedding anniversary. She smiled from a face that was as radiant as an angels. I told my friends that I was going to go out with my son, and they were impressed, "she said, as she got into the car. "They can't wait to hear about our meeting."
We went to a restaurant that, although not elegant, was very nice and cozy. My mother took my arm as if she were the First Lady. After we sat down, i had to read the menu. Her eyes could only read large print. Half way through the entries, I lifted my eyes and saw my Mom sitting there staring at me. A nostalgic smile was on her lips. " It was I who used to have to read the menu when you were small," she said. "Then it's time that relax and let me turn the favor," I responded. During the dinner, we had an agreeable conversation -nothing extraordinary but catching up on recent events of each other's life. We talked so much that we missed the movie. As we arrived at her house later, she said, "I'll go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you. "I agreed.'
" How was your dinner date?" asked my wife when I got home. Very nice. Much more so than I could have imagine,' I answered.
A few days later, my mother died of a massive heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I didn't have a chance to do anything for her. Sometimes later, I received an envelope with a copy of a restaurant receipt from the same place mother and I dined. An attached note said: "I paid this bill in advance. A wasn't sure that I could be there; but nevertheless, I paid for two plates - one for you and the other for your wife. You will never know what that night meant for me. I love you, son."
At that moment, I understood the importance of saying in time: "I LOVE YOU" and to give our loved ones the time that they deserve. Nothing in life is more important than your family. Give them the time they deserve, because these things cannot be put off till "some other time."

Choose any number and in every numbers in each box there is a corresponding questions that you need to answer.






What is the moral value of the story?

How many years did the couple have been married?

Who are the characters in the story?
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