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Adverb and Adjective Clauses

No description

Haley M

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Adverb and Adjective Clauses

Adverb and adjective clauses
Adverbial Clauses
By: Sarah Alsing
Adjective Clauses
How does something qualify to be an adjective clause?
- Includes a subject and a verb
-Starts with a relative pronoun or starts with a relative adverb
- Answers the questions:
It describes a verb in the sententence's main clause
To what degree?
Adjective clauses do the same thing as adjectives, both modify nouns.
"What Kind?

Which One?

How Many?"
The cat that he is petting is from the pound.
Adverbial Clause Video
Adjectival Clause
relative pronoun
Because I studied,
I got a good grade on the test.
Because I studied
is the adverbial clause in the sentence
When the game started,
it was past noon.
The girl, whose hair is red, likes tea
When the game started
is the adverbial clause in the sentence.
It begins with a subordinating conjuction, such as because, though, and until
Subject/ Relative pronoun
Because it starts with a subordinate clause, it is a dependent clause

By: Joanna

By: HElen bradshaw
By: HAley Mainwaring
By: Haley Mainwaring, Joanna Zeinelden, Helen Bradshaw, and Sarah Alsing
Find the adverb dependent clause in each sentence and write it down.
1. He took the art elective, because he loves art.
2. After Lily picked the apples, she made some apple pie.
3. Even though Miki likes science, she still wouldn’t want to become a scientist.
4. Although Satoshi is bad at math, he still tries his best.
5. She took summer school, so she could get better grades in school.
6. If you write a list, your parents will then know what you want for Christmas.
7. I wasn’t talking to them because they were still mad at me.

Adverbial Worksheet
It describes an action in the sentence like an adverb does
By: Haley Mainwaring
By: haley Mainwaring
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