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ELEVATE your for profit and non-profit sponsorships

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Anne Pole

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of ELEVATE your for profit and non-profit sponsorships

your for profit + non-profit sponsorships

Unfortunately, many non-profits don't have a clue about how to approach a potential sponsor.

Prepare the information needed, and persuade a sponsor to join you in a mutually beneficial project that impacts the community, their reputation and most of all, the cause.

This can all be done through various event fundraisers such as: Galas, golf tournaments, walks/runs, cocktail receptions, cultivation events and more!
1. What's the value and what makes it unique?
2. What's in it for everyone?
3. What relationships + partnerships do you have?
4. How are you making 'the ask'?
5 .What's your plan for ongoing stewardship?

Anne E. Pole
Annual Giving Officer - Special Events
Regions Hospital Foundation
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Who do
you know?

Organizations that become good sponsorship partners realize that this is a business deal and not always a donation.
They also learn that the skills involved in securing good corporate sponsorships are different from those that work in everyday fundraising.
Do your homework. What do you know about your organization's demographics? Is there recent information about who participates and why? Where they live? How far they drive? Whether they are repeat users? Whether they are young families, empty nesters, or teens?
What is the competitive environment like? Are other organizations similar to yours getting corporate sponsorships?
Donor recognition is so imporant so you retain a high repeate of donors for every event and possibly turning them into annual donors!
Events have a prominent place in the donor relations toolkit because they are an effective way to reach and foster long term relationships with a broad spectrum of donors. Remember, they don't want to hear from you just once a year asking for momey or TIME. Instead schedule a post event wrap lunch, , coffee, etc and find out:
What did they like about the event?
As a donor or volunteer what do they want more of?
to them - your greatest strength in this role is to listen, build rapport and make their ideas comes to life (within reason).
Lastly, cultivate them. If they give $50 last month or 5 hours or service pick up the phone.
Always call them or send them a note on their birthday or just a thanks for meeting with them.
Throw a volunteer appreciation party party and hand write thank yous to committee memebers, key volunteers, emcees, speakers and board members.
Put together a focus group - if it's in healthcare, who would be good to build ideas from (possibly include a patient family?) If it's from a company who are the stake holders and what are their goals for community giving?
Everyone has a board of directors - utlize them!

Your sponsors' abilities to achieve success, as defined by their metrics and the business results they seek, are contingent on having adequate time to implement. Usually sponsors have numerous internal steps they need to take to align internal departments to execute. Similarly, you need adequate time to sell, develop, and fulfill all aspects of your offerings.

Time needed to:
Secure new sponsors for an existing event 1 year
Renew sponsors for an existing event 9 months
Secure sponsors for a new event 18-24 months
Launch a new sponsorship program 1+ years

From you:
1. Expolore available options within your network and committee's network.
2. How will you (or your committee) measure sponsorship success and how do you put a value on a specific sponsorship benefits like a 'Facebook Post, Tweet about event, etc?
3. Customize and TAILOR the proposal for especially higher end sponsorships....let them know you will be as creative as you want!
4. Pitch it....But if things don't go quite to plan and your sponsorship proposal is rejected, make sure you find out why, learn from the experience and endeavor to maintain contact with the sponsor. The situation may change in the future and the last thing you want to do is burn your bridges.
5. Lastly, include some custom imagery and branding to give the sponsor an idea of what things could look like. Sponsors just dig seeing their brand or logo adorning a race car or impressive banner over the entrance to an event.

What is
the value
So how do you get a sponsor?
It's often not who you know, but who knows you
. Sponsors tend to find their protégés directly. This will usually happen organically through work projects, recommendations, and informal networking.

Top tips for attracting a sponsor

• Develop a reputation as a respected colleague. Be reliable. Be flexible. Be friendly.

• Prepare an elevator speech about current projects you are working on and the value you are adding.

• Manage your career – take the time to evaluate your skills, growth areas and interests. Know where you want to go in the organisation. Ask for feedback and follow it.

• Aim for multiple sponsors with different points of view.

• Keep sponsors up to date with your accomplishments, and thank them for efforts taken.

• Be aware that your actions reflect on you and your sponsor.

Start considering how you, too, can champion colleagues. You don't have to be at the top to start.

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