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Words , meanings , antonynms , synonyms & sentence .

Niharika Verma

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of VOCABULARY

Synonyms: Postulate, Conception Axiom Meaning: Self-evident proof that does not require any proof Form: Noun Sentence: The boxer successfully proved the old axiom that the one who attacks first is always at an advantage. Meaning: Very ordinary, Boring Banal Antonyms: Original Synonyms: Insipid, Mediocre, Prosaic, Hackneyed Sentence: Bland,banal music tinkled discreetly from hidden loudspeakers. Form: Adjective Meaning:Determined to continue with something even if it becomes difficult or dangerous. Dogged Form: Adjective Sentence:Her dogged tendency is the main reason for her success in this international examination. Synonyms:Determined
Immovable Antonyms:Doubtful
Half-hearted Meaning:Very dirty indeed. Filthy Sentence:They have gained respect through sheer dogged determination. Encroach

Meaning:Taking over more and more of that place. Synonyms:Infringe
Invade Antonyms:Desist
Respect Form:Adjective Synonyms:Dirty
Squalid,Foul Antonyms:Pure
Immaculate Sentence:He never washed, and always wore a filthy old jacket. Form:Verb Sentence:The new institutions do not encroach on political powers. Gallant Form:Adjective Meaning:Behaving bravely
Sentence:He is very gallant at the ball. Synonyms:
Brave Antonyms:Fearful
Cowardly Hypocrisy Form:Noun Sentence:Making a claim that one did not commit a mistake is nothing but hypocrisy. Synonyms:Deceit
Dissembling Antonyms:Honesty
Uprightness VOCABULARY Words ,meanings ,
synonyms ,
antonyms , forms. Imprudent
Meaning:Not sensible Sentence:Is it not imprudent of you to marry when your salary is very low? Synonyms:Careless
Fool hardy
Foolish Antonyms :Careful
Considerate Keen
Form:Adjective Meaning:Eagerness Sentence:That is a knife with a keen edge. Synonyms:
Stupid Magnanimous Form:Adjective Meaning:Being kindly and generous towards someone especially after defeating them or being treated badly by them.

Sentence:Today many rich people turn out to be magnanimous. Synonyms:Beneficent
Big,Bountiful Antonyms:Miserly
Resentful Nimble Form:Adjective Meaning:easily movable,clever,& can think very quickly. Sentence:Being as nimble as an ant is what will take you to a new height.
Agile Antonyms:Clumsy
Unready Obdurate
Form:Adjective Meaning:being unreasonable Sentence:His obdurate nature resulted in loss of his job. Synonyms:Fixed
Immovable Antonyms:
Flexible Thank You! Precarious Form:Adjective Meaning:not having complete control Sentence:You will make only a precarious living as an author. Synonyms:Doubtful; Dubious Antonyms:Certain
Dependable,Reliable Queer Form:Adjective Synonyms:
Eccentric. Abnormal Sentence:His queer way of talking attracted all of us. Meaning:strange Antonyms:
Everyday Recalcitrant Form:Adjective Meaning:unwillingness to obey orders. Sentence:The recalcitrant tendency of the workers resulted in loss of job for many workers. Synonyms:Contrary Antonyms:Amenable Complaint Docile Insubordinate Defiant Sordid Dirty, Form:Adjective Sentence:In India, still many people live in sordid poverty. Meaning:immoral or dishonest. Synonyms: Antonyms: Clean, Fresh, Pure. Foul Filthy, Made by : Niharika Verma
Sec: C IT 3rd yr
Roll no. 16
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