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"Fences" by August Wilson: Major Themes

Summer Reading Project : "Fences" by August Wilson

Dezhane' Timmons

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of "Fences" by August Wilson: Major Themes

1.) Race
2.) Family
3.)Hopes & Dreams
4.) Men & Masculinity
5.) Death Troy in many ways repeats the mistakes of his own father while raising Cory and Lyons. Cory refused to keep this cycle going. 4.) Men & Masculinity
What It Means To Be A MAN!!!? Five Major Themes ! 1.) Race
It Shouldn't Matter If You're Black Or White Most of the novel takes place in the 1950s. All the characters in the play are African American, and they dealt with racism on a daily basis. Throughout the play, Troy struggled to fulfill his role as father to his children and husband to his wife. Troy’s family was very dysfunctional due to the fact that he didn’t handle his responsibilities as a father nor husband. 2.) Family
They Will Always Be There ( well not always ) R.I.P Troy ): Troy refused to let his son Cory play football in which he had always dreamed of. This destroys Cory's chances of going to college. 3.) Hopes & Dreams
Always Chase After Your Dreams ! Troy always seen death as competition. 5.) Death
"Death ain't nothing to play with. And I know he's gonna get me,"
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