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Housing Webinar 4-28-14

Off-Campus Student Services @ Emerson College

Steven Martin

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Housing Webinar 4-28-14

Off-Campus Student Services
Off-Campus Apartment
at Emerson College presents:
Information Covered
In This Workshop
OCSS: Services
Housing Fairs & Workshops
Social & Educational Programming
Mediation Services
MBTA Pass Program
Resource for Tenant Advocacy Programs
Community Service Opportunities
Before you start,
consider these preferences:
Researching Neighborhood Safety
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
The MBTA keeps statistics of crimes reported at each train station

Walk Score
A website that tells you everything that is in walking distance from your address
Helpful Resources
Emerson College is accessible by the T from the Green Line, Red Line & the Orange Line.
Before You Sign...
When things don't go as planned!
Current Room and Board divided by 12 = Goal for monthly living expenses
Commuter meal plan
Financial aid can help with off-campus living expenses
Emerson College currently has approximately 2,200 students living off-campus.

That is more than 45% of all Emerson College students.
Your Budget
How to find places:
Web searches
Let the Search Begin...
Be SURE you want it before
you sign or put money down!

How much pre-payment & when?

Read the lease!

Be ready for ALL
parties to sign/co-sign

Roommate Contract

Once you sign, set up utilities and moving plan
Staying Connected
Campus Community

Workshop goals
Handout review
Evaluation form
what type of neighborhood?
cost of monthly rent
commute to class
desired amenities
Things to think about and questions to ask:
Amenities / Utilities
Lease Length
Sublet ok?
Landlord credibility
OCSS Mediation
Advocacy Programs
Social and Educational Programming
*Remember, we are here to help you but we don’t know unless you call!*
Questions and Answers!
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