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Circular Amsterdam - Mapping Opportunities and Actions

June 19, 2013. Made by The Circle Economy

Matthew Fraser

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Circular Amsterdam - Mapping Opportunities and Actions


we have mapped circular opportunities in 3 areas: food, water and nutrients, and agriculture

A high-level overview of the material flows through the Amsterdam Metropolitan area. Icons show where added-value steps exist and where goods are consumed

Opportunities to close the loop

Closing the loop conference
Day 2 'Go east' Route
2 October 2013

How can we accelerate the transition to circularity in a metropolitan area?

And what is the role of the governments and of businesses ?

And what is the role of the governments and of businesses ?
provide (pre) seed funding for start-ups and pilots
facilitate cross-pollination sessions between businesses
Develop regulation and policies

Parallel with Silicon valley by prof. Mazzucato:
"...entrepreneurship is the willingness to take part in the first phase of innovation which by nature is highly uncertain and risky...

...looking at the dotcom companies in this phase the US government has played a large role in the initial investments and bore the risk...

...the private sector

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