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My restaurant

No description

Arvind Venkatraman

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of My restaurant

History Attractions Geography Style of My Restaurant Advertidement What is Switzerland Known For
Switzerland developed slowly over many centuries
The city of Switzerland came together in 1848
Switzerland remained neutral the World Wars.
Switzerland has remained stable and economy is progressing The Swiss national park is the finest place to view the alps. This park covers have of Switzerland and has all types of wildlife.
The capital Berne has a wide variety of attractions for all ages.
There are many adventure sports to choose from, even on different terrains. Switzerland is surrounded by 5 countries
Switzerland is also known for the Alps in the south and some of the largest lake in Europe.
Switzerland has generally moderate weather, which makes it grreat too visit during summer.
the land is mostly used for Agriculture.
there are 4 official languages - German, French, Italian and Romansh It is kind of obvious that the Swiss are not only famous for cheese and chocolate. They are also known for their revolutionary banking system, high end watches,etc.
They were made famous for army knives and many other useful stuff through the brand called Swiss Army Nos restaurent est situe pres d' un chalet de ski celebre .
Il est tres moderne est comfortable.
Il donne la sensation de chaleur Attractions contd... Switzerland is most famous for skiing. People from all over the world come to ski the professional slope
Switzerland is also known of its railway rides though the Swiss alps and and many museums that can be visited throughout the year. The Menu See You Soon...
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