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My Life

All about me and my life

Trini Ryder

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of My Life

Trini Ryder's Life By Trini Ryder Basic Information Full name: Katrina Louise Ryder
Age: 12
School: Roseville college
Favourite Sport: Softball
Favourite Movie: She's the man
Family: Mum, Sister and Dad
Friends Favourite Sport I love softball it is the best sport ever i have played since i was 8 i have played club, Rep and school. For Killara (Club) North shore (Rep) Roseville and West Pymble (School) it is lots of fun i have lots of friends it School Roseville College Roseville College is an all girls school and is in Roseville. We have 4 main heads of the school and they are Mr Watson, Mrs Oakley, Dr Camperous and Mrs Krimmer.

I have English, Maths, History, Geography, Music, Languages, Science (German, Japanese and French) and Christian Studies Best Friend I have 1 bestfriend her name is jade. She goes to PLC pymble she has brown hair and brown eyes she is so skinny i am jealous. We have so much in common and i love her so so so so much. ILY School Friends I have 3 main friends Georgia, Maddy and Tori we have lots of fun at school i do softball with Maddy and Tori Softball was my 3rd year in Rep for North shore in U13's and ext year i will move up to 15's. Family Mum, Dad and Sister I have a sister called Lauren who is 15 and in year 9 at roseville too. My mums name is Gaye her name means happy she i amazing and i love her she is an accountant at the credit union in Home bush. Then their is my dad his name is Glenn and i have always been a daddy's girl and always will he owns a company which is Ryder shop and office fittings. I love my family with all my heart. xx
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