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Anne Frank Presentation

Do you think Peter and Anne have a good relationship? Why or why not?

Atlas Helaire

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Anne Frank Presentation

click to add text Argument 2 click to add text Conclusion Anne Frank Persuasive Presentation Their parents have proven to not get along that well. In fact, Mrs. Frank seemed to have a distaste for them staying in the Secret Annex with them from the beginning. In Act 1 scene 3, she tells Margot privately that "I told your father it wouldn’t work . . . but no . . . Well, he knows now that I was right! These quarrels! . . . This bickering!" Also, in Act 1 scene 3, Mrs. Van Daan tries flirting with Mr. Frank and kisses him which Mrs. Frank later on wipes off. In the same scene, Anne's voice says "I must tell you that her attempts to flirt with Father are getting her nowhere. Pim, thank goodness, won’t play." In Act 2 scene 3, Mrs. Frank and Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan have a fierce argument when Mr. Van Daan is discovered selfishly stealing food. Mrs. Frank through the play had been very conservative with her manners, but in this portion of the play she completely explodes which shows that not only did Mr. Van Daan make her really furious and maybe had a dislike for him bottled up. The parents have also shown some disapproval between the two. In the book Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, Anne's father says in diary entry "Tuesday, 2 May, 1944 . . .'It's not really very right- here in this house; I thought you were just pals.'" Mrs. Van Daan had also voiced concern asking them "Saturday, 4 March, 1944 . . . Can I really trust you two up here together?" Argument 1 In conclusion, we think that although Anne and Peter might look like a good couple on the surface, when you dig down deeper and really think, they don’t. As we stated before, Anne and Peter are two very different people. Anne is loud and outgoing while Peter is quiet and shy. They have the illusion of being in love from being very close and forced to see each other everyday. This is proved in their parent’s behavior of seeing reality that they shouldn’t be together, despite their differences they all agree that Anne and Peter shouldn’t be together. Anne is going through puberty during this time and is uneasy in her emotions. She is confused of herself and constantly needs someone to cling onto, which she expresses by being needy of Peter.Thank you. Counter Argument(s) Argument 3 Another way that they are not compatible is that they have clashing views on life. Peter hasn't developed any major hopes and dreams and repeatedly says that he's not smart (Act 1 scene 3 and Act 2 scene 2). On the other hand, Anne already knows what she wants in life. In Act 1 scene 3 she says that she's going to "Paris... to study music and art" and all Peter wants to is to have a job that "doesn't take much brains." Also, whenever they have serious discussions, Anne always gives advanced and theoretical responses about the people around her and her the problem she's being faced with. For example, in Act 2 scene 5 she tells Peter, "I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart." Peter and Anne do not make a good couple because of their incompatibility. For one, they have completely different personalities. Peter is shy, quiet, and awkward which shows a lot in Act 1 scene 2 such as when he tried escaping conversation when Mr.Frank asked him if he wanted food. That is completely unlike Anne who is outgoing, immature, and annoying. For example, Anne bothers the Van Daans throughout Act 1 scene 3 by hiding Peter's shoes, butting into Mrs. Van Daan's personal business, and invading Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan's conversations. Why?....
1. They are not compatible because of their different views on life and personalities.
2. Their parents don't get along or approve.
3. Anne's going through puberty and so her emotions are not stable.
Topic Question: Do you think that Peter Van Daan and Anne Frank make a good match for each other? Why or why not?

We believe that Peter Van Daan and Anne Frank would not make a good match. Group: Lauren Cruz, Nicole Flores, Yelena Franco, and Jordyn Helaire This change has also caused her to become very clingy to Peter and needy for his attention. In Act 1 scene scene 2 the play describes Anne as "following him" and continually asking Peter "Where are you going? Come dance with me." and "Can i watch?" And in her diary she also writes "Saturday, 1 April, 1944 . . . I am so longing for a kiss, the kiss that is so long in coming." Anne describes herself as going through puberty during her time in the Secret Annex. In Act 2 scene 1 she says, "There is one great change. . . A change in myself. . . I think that what is happening to me is so wonderful . . . not only what can be seen, but what is taking place inside. . ." Because she is going through this change, her emotions and attitude are not stable and tend to change often. She tends to become easily upset. For example, in Act 1 scene 3 her mother simply tells her not to behave disrespectfully with the Van Daans and Anne yelled dramtically "Marogt, Margot, Margot. . .Everything she does is right, and everything I do is wrong! I’m the goat around here! . . . You’re all against me! . . . And you worst of all!" In the same scene, after trying to play with Peter her father tells her he's not used to "girls" and she replied "Time? Isn’t two months time? I could cry." To a lot of people, Anne and Peter do make a good match for many reasons, but here are just a few.

1. For one, they connected in the Secret Annex. They were able to open up to each other and depended on each other for support when they most needed it.

We believe that is only true because they were forced to be close with each other due to their situation. For example, most of their conversations in the play were not about each other as a real couple would do but about the predicaments they faced in the Secret Annex with their parents and within themselves.

2. They do have opposite personalities but don't opposites attract?

Many movies and books such as Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl and the movie The Diary of Anne Frank can make you believe that, but in the real world, things don't always work out that way. Yes, Anne and Peter seemed to be the ideal couple but outside of the Secret Annex they didn't even know they went to the same school and things will probably go back that way.
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