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Matched Prezi

Project for school book summer reading assighnment.

Mabel Palmero

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Matched Prezi


Main Character and their Conflict
The main character in this book is Cassia Reyes and she faces the conflict of choosing between her best friend and the one she loves.
Conflict and Resolution:
By: Ally Condie
Mabel Palmero
"Matched" takes place in a dystopian society in which the government controls your every choice. This setting creates a surreal-like perfection mood.
She also faces the conflict of realizing
that her perfect society is no all it is cut out to be.
Cassia lives in a perfect world where
decisions are made for you and where
at seventeen society chooses who you
will marry.
Matched with her best friend Xander,
Cassia goes to look at Xander's micro card , but when she sees someone else she becomes confused and overwhelmed.
The genre of "Matched" is fantasy fiction. It is a dystopian novel.
When Cassia's grandfather turns eighty he gives her a forbidden poem. The poem is called "Do Not Go Gentle".
When Cassia signs up for rock climbing she is surprised to see Ky, the other boy she saw on Xander's micro card.
When on the mountain Cassia reads the poem unaware that Ky is watching her. They soon start reading together and the poem becomes their secret.
As Ky and Cassia become closer, Cassia must decide between the boy she loves and her best friend.
The conflict of "Matched" is an internal conflict because Cassia has to make a choice within herself about living the life she wants or the life she was assigned to.
The conflict is resolved when Cassia chooses between Ky and Xander. Therefore, she is also choosing between the life she wants and the life she was assigned to.
The tone of this book is melancholy
because the writing uses a sad tone to help the reader comprehend how the character feels.
For example, "That's how I know they are dreams. Because the simple and plain every day things are the ones we can never have."
- Ally Condie, "Matched"
This quote shows the tone of the book
because it is written with a sad, almost dreary undertone which helps the reader feel the characters pain.
I know which life is my real one now, no matter what happens. It's the one with you.
For some reason, knowing that even one person knows my story makes things different. Maybe its like the poem says.
Maybe this is my way of not going gentle.
I love you."
-Ky Markham
This quote is important because here, Ky
reveals his feelings for Cassia, which later
helps her decide who she loves and which
life she wants.
Freedom of choice
is a theme of this book because in this society everything is decided for you.
Cassia breaks away from this by making
her own decisions, such as who to love and
what life to live.
Personal Response:
I really enjoyed this book, and thought it was a great mix of sifi-fantasy with romance.

A message I took away from this book
would be the importance of freedom
of choice because not everyone can
make decisions for themselves.
A connection I made between the book
and my life would be that in the book
they refer to the poem "Do Not Go
Gentle" by Dylan Thomas and I had
previously read this poem.
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