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South korea

Project about South korea

angkul angkul

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of South korea

South Korea
Flag South Korea in world map Flag of South Korea Here is South Korea in world map. Geography of South Korea Climate - located in eastern Asia on the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. -northern land border of the Korean Peninsula is formed by the Yalu and Tumen rivers, which separate Korea from the provinces of Jilin and Liaoning in China
-The original border between the two Korean states was the thirty-eighth parallel of atitude. -The largest island, Cheju, lies off the southwest corner of the peninsula
- Other important islands include Ullung in the Sea of Japan and Kanghwa -is about the size of Portugal or Hungary, and is slightly larger than the state of Indiana. -has four seasons

- has a wide temperature difference between summer and winter

-two short Typhoon / Rainy periods. Nationality By being born to either a Korean national father or Korean national mother after June 13, 1998, or to a Korean national father before then. -they have some law about there nationality Typhoon example Under the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, Koreans from North Korea are also recognized as Republic of Korea nationals. However, in practice, a formal evaluation needs to take place which requires documentary proof of North Korean nationality. religion -traditional Buddhist faith
-large Christian population (composed of Catholic including Christians and Protestants of various denominations). South Korea Mineral Rough Stone (general)
Gemstone Rough
Silver Opal Agriculture Product Major City in South Korea 1 Seoul 2 Pusan
3 Incheon
4 Daegu
5 Daejeon
6 Gwangju
8Jeju Jeju is island and city -home of many qualities good grade fresh agriculture product
- rice, root crops, barley, vegetables, fruit; cattle, pigs, chickens, milk, eggs; fish. Welcome to
South Korea South Korea Industries Major industries in South Korea today are automobiles, semiconductor, electronics, shipbuilding, and steel. Semiconductor Imports-commodities Imports - commodities: machinery, electronics and electronic equipment, oil, steel, transport equipment, organic chemicals, plastics Electronic equipment such as thrum drive,
etc. Export-commodities (precious white opal
precious opal, opal fire, black opal
white opal,boulder opal,crystal opal
light opal, doublet opal, triplet opal
common opal. Import-Partner Exports-Partner Government type Light Bulbs
Optical Cables
Medical Equipment
Air Purifiers
Mobile Phone
Heat Exchangers Government The government type is republic republic is a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. Conclusion South Korea import partner are China 16.5%, Japan 13%, US 8.5%, Saudi Arabia 7.1%, Australia 5% (2011 est.) They trade,,buy product from each other. BY : Sopisa and Angkul Angkul Sopisa an 7.1% (2011 est.) Conclusion To conclude, South Korea has many good characteristic like it popular tourist attraction, economy,island etc. but how did there develop and take care there characteristic to still exit until right now,it's because there teamwork and cooperation make people from all the world know the country "South Korea" they make up every jigsaw pieces to from South Korea with every droplets of sweat and tear they losses to create this piece of land for the next generation to kept there culture and local wisdom alive for the next next next generation South Korea kid are the new jigsaw that will fulfill destiny of South Korea and I believe that they will be Do you have any question ??? Hope you will learn something about our presentation Thank you These countries South Korea export with China 24.4%, US 10.1%, Jap Capital Name Seoul "Capital City", from ancient Sillan , officially the Seoul Special City, is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea. A megacity with a population of more than 10 million, it is the largest city proper in the OECD developed world. The Seoul National Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province, is the world's second largest metropolitan area with over 25 million people, home to over half of South Koreans along with 366,000 international residents. Kanghwa island is in the mouth of Han River Special place in Kanghwa island Kinds of opal Precious
White Opal Opal fire Black opal Boulder opal These are opals that find in south korea Almost South Korea
people are christian Steel Auto Mobile South Korea Industries Elecronic South korea industries Light Bulbs Valves Example of exports commodities Gangnam Style
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