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Hannah Fehr's Specialist Project

Wild Dogs

Hannah Fehr

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Hannah Fehr's Specialist Project

Wolves The Three Kind of Wolves That I am Focusing on This Year are: The British Columbian Wolf The Vancouver Island Wolf Mexican Wolf Lives in Central Mexico, Southeastern Arizona, Southwest Texas, and Southern New Mexico Habitat Food History It was almost extinct, but is now endangered Javelina
Jack Rabbits
Small Animals Habitat History Food Random Fact Also known as the Lobo Wolf Hares
Deer Hunted to extinction in 1941 B.C.
Alaska Food Habitat History Interesting Fact Black-tailed Deer
Roosevelt Elk
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Northern Rocky Mountains to Southern Alberta Breeds in January Disappeared and Endangered By: Hannah Kathleen Fehr
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