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SLE interview presentation

No description

Wendy Blanchard

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of SLE interview presentation

Portswood Teaching School Alliance
SLE interview Wendy Tayler How have I supported other leaders beyond my own school in English and Leadership of Curriculum? Who?
Why? Personal Learning Opportunities... Starting Out... Supporting leaders... Impact... Ofsted monitoring visit (Oct 2010):
'... with excellent support from other leaders... have put in place a wide range of strategies to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning in class'

'There are some outstanding features in some of the better teaching'

'Lesson planning is more detailed'
'Teaching assistants are deployed well' Thank You

Any questions? School 2- July 2012 – Present

Developing Advanced Facilitators course (NCSL)
Project lead (LA/NLE Deployment Fund Plan).
Govs mtg/HT and LA meeting
Focus on raising attainment
Improving teaching and learning
Developing planning

Relationships built
First half term successful
Positive about the way ahead! School 1 (Oxfordshire)
2009 – 2011
Feb 2009 - Ofsted - Grade 3
June 2009 - LA review, ‘special measures’
Deployed by LA
Key Priorities -
Raising attainment
Improving Teaching and learning Overall, OFSTED monitoring visit (Oct 2010), identified that the majority of improvement in the key areas was Good or Outstanding.

OFSTED – (June 2012)
‘Teachers have a very clear picture of how well their pupils are performing and plan work that is well matched to their differing needs’
Assistant Vice Principal/SLT
Assessment/Literacy coordinator
Y5/6 leader - outstanding teaching, leadership, mentorship and curriculum management (Ofsted reports)
Hillingdon Borough - Y6 literacy and raising attainment
Experience in Y2-Y6 Facilitating Curriculum Action planning
Monitoring/Evaluating group teaching
Sharing outstanding practice
Developing Middle Leaders
Partnership working with DH to raise attainment 1. Understanding the school situation
2. Sharing your vision
3. Meeting and supporting the staff
4. 'Sell yourself' and 'Prove your worth'! Flexibility and change
Questioning my own practice
Developing my own skills
Raising attainment in own school
Supporting and developing school staff Challenges...
Chepping View Primary Academy
6+ projects supporting other schools 'School is a much happier place to work - new staff, higher expectations of attainment'

Staff have progressed to leadership roles at the school and in other schools. Encouraging collaboration
Motivating/empowering the staff to continue improvement
Challenging conversations
Balancing roles in two schools
Ensuring pace and challenge

Outstanding practice shared
Paired action planning
Identifying under-performing groups
Paired work on leading a focus groups
CPD sessions
Focus groups set up
Reviewed teachers planning/completed observations.
Paired monitoring of progress towards targets - IMPACT.
Adapted/Repeated process - empowering staff Wendy Tayler 1. I Leading/Sharing CPD sessions
'How can we raise attainment through focusing on groups of children'
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