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TRY Conference Presentation: P.L.O.T.

Playing and Learning Online Together: University of Toronto Mississauga, April, 2010

Rochelle Mazar

on 14 October 2010

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Transcript of TRY Conference Presentation: P.L.O.T.

P.L.O.T. laying &
earning nline ogether Feedback Twitter in a conference setting Google Wave Google bingo Karaoke Party xtranormal Emerging Technologies Jeopardy Background how do you solve a problem like Emerging Technologies Rochelle Mazar
University of Toronto Mississauga Library Emerging Technologies Librarian "I wanted to give you TWO THUMBS up for all the fun stuff you have been introducing us to!" "It was fun, and useful as well." Requests: More!

repository of web apps, organized by function

dig deeper into some apps

Workshops: screencasting, prezi, dropbox, etc. No downloads
no homework
under an hour
group activity
fun Can we make learning new tech fun? Video Conferencing Thank you! art by:
lumaxart.com flickr.com/photos/lumaxart Be amazed! Be inspired! Lawrence OP, Flickr EssjayNZ, Flickr lcptalbot, Flickr make it social informal relaxed chat with your co-workers laugh keep it light web 2.0 is srs bizniz Learning 2.0
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