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The act of realising one's wrong doings

Thomas Dolahenty

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Repentence

What You Think Sin Is In The Lead Up To Sin One Is Inflicted By: We Need to look At the Big Picture of Sin Adultry Murder Stealing Lying Envy And Pride Failure to pray Not accepting the
realness of Hell Not loving yourself Playing games that have
made up religions
example: Skyrim Self Pity Using the Lord's name
in vein Repentance By Thomas Dolahenty Repentance is the realization of
one's sin's or wrong doing's Reconciliation Sacrament By Corey Fisher Sin What is Sin By Shawn Rillera Forgiveness Rock Story By Cameron Easton Repentance is the act of realizing ones wrong
doings. Repentance is important because it is like contact with our spiritual self. It is telling us to give up the grudge or let go, and seek forgiveness. Confess sin Makes relationships
stronger How can we Prevent it Why is it important to forgive Thank you
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