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Caitlyn Peebles " Dragon Hound of Honor"

This is a project about a genre we read during the quater I used the book "Dragon Hound of Honor" to tell about the genre of historical fiction

Caitlyn Peebles

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Caitlyn Peebles " Dragon Hound of Honor"

Dragon Hound of Honor Historical Fiction Is a made up story that includes elements
of history. The story will be set in the past
and the events that surround the story will be based on history
Characters The main characters are: DeNarsac, Dragon
Theirry, Montdidder, and Isabelle

Montdidder is the the knight that died at a time
near the jousting

Isabelle was Montdidders wife to be before he died

Dragon is the Courgeous dog that was by ones side
all the time

DeNarsac A knight friend of Montdidder

Theirry a young page. Summary This story took place during Mid-Evil times.
Aubrey de Montdidder nephew of the Count of Montargris was murderd before the day if jousting. His body was found by his courageous dog Dragon. Brave Denarsac a knight and young Thierry decided to figure out the murder of there dear friend Montdidder. Later Macarie cousin of Montdidder was accused of killing Montdidder. This story helped me understand how things were in history and how life was differant. I also learned that people were much more respectful during the era. My Understanding
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