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Nick (Diamond) Tershay

No description

Alex Marcial

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Nick (Diamond) Tershay

Nicholas Tershay (aka Nick Diamond)
Biography of Nick Diamond
Born January 24, 1984 in San Francisco California
Grew up skateboarding in San Francisco during the 90's
Like many skaters at that time he was heavily influenced by hip-hop and street culture
Created a skateboarding hardware line from his humble one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco
In 2000, Nick moved to Los Angeles and began building Diamond Supply Co.
Collecting the latest sneakers was a major part of that and what started off as a hobby for Nick would ultimately turn in to a career
Diamond Supply Company
Diamond Supply Co. was started as a skateboard hardware brand in 1998
Nick started by selling nuts, bolts, trucks, grip tape (parts of skateboards) which later expanded into t-shirts, hats, and other accessories
Only one store located in LA, more stores coming this year
In 2005, Nike Skateboarding asked Nick to design his own signature Diamond Nike SB Dunk
Diamond Supply Co. started collaborating with many skateboarding brands like DGK, Girl, The Hundreds and many more which made the company more known
Business Structure-products
Diamond Supply Co. is mostly known by their T-Shirts
Celebrities like Jay Z, B.o.B, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and many others helped expand Diamond Supply Co even more by wearing the brand
5 characteristics
Creative; Nick came up with a very catchy design that grabs the persons attention
Goal Oriented; Ever since the start, Nick's main goal was for his brand to be known around the world
Self-Confident; He never gave up on his goal
Restless; even though Nick has achieved his goal he wants to look for newer challenges
Enthusiastic; Nick is energetic and is always rocking his brand from head to toe
Alex Marcial

Mission Statement
Whether a skateboarder, artist, designer, or athlete, anyone who pursues his or her dream, and makes that dream a reality represents the #DIAMONDLIFE
Future Goals
This year, Diamond Supply Co. will open two more flagship locations. The first in Nick Tershay’s home of San Francisco and a second location in downtown New York City, Diamond Supply Co. recently started their own shoe brand, Diamond Footwear. Nick wants his brand to expand even more. His main goal was to be known around the world.
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