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Temple Run

No description

Hannah Logan

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Temple Run

Temple Run Objective: The objective is to run through
the maze and escape the creatures
following you. You can collect coins
to buy powerups in the store that will
help you get further through the maze. Characters: Guy Dangerous (character you start the game with)
Barry Bones (a city cop with an attitude)
Scarlett Fox (the cunning escape artist)
Francisco Montoya (the conquistador)
Karma Lee (fastest legs in the Far East)
Zach Wonder (the football star)
Montana Smith (the second greatest explorer ever) Powerups: Coin Magnet (coins are atrracted to you and
double in value)
250m Boost (you are invincible and run
faster for 250m)
Double Value of Coins (once you reach 1500m
value is doubled)
50 Coin (if you get it you automatically
get 50 coins) Utilities Ressurection wings (single use,
if you die wearing them, they bring you
back to the spot of your death. They
only last 30 seconds at a time)
Boost ( starts you 1000m ahead
once the game starts) Mega boost ( starts you 2500m
ahead once the game starts) By Catie Woodruff and Hannah Logan
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